Get set go!


“I walk down the roads,

Hoping to travel a mile more

I walk down the hills,

To see myself rising above the clouds…

I walk amongst the crowd,

To acquaint myself to new faces.

I walk the lonely road,

To realise who I am

Travelling make me enthusiastic

I realise the world is more realistic!!!”

Do you like to explore new places? Feel boredom at home? Then why not get up and travel… The world is the beautiful place to be in.

Travelling is always fun, where you traverse to a countryside or village. The change in the monotonous environment, not only enrich your brain with fresh ideas but also showers a tranquilising effect on your body and soul.

Every family needs a vacation to make the home time bonding stronger. People at work travel for a time break! Kids travel for exploring. Photographers travel to venture and capture exotic places.

Travelling not only helps to discover new cultures but also to deepen inter personal relationships. It portrays a scenario of a various lifestyles, situations, reliefs and also atmospheric conditions. Religious aspect of different areas is worth marking.

One can travel local to a friend’s or relative’s house or within the nation or even abroad. A change from daily routine is really a must, which not only relaxes the muscles but also, boost up to work again.


Walking by the side of sea, the feet messed up in sand, crabs walking besides you.. is an out of box scene. The waves and water splashes, rejuvenates the kid inside every person, hence, coaxing them to jump off in the womb of nature. Sun set and sun rise are worth viewing the scenes… the most loved view near the beach is sand castles made by kids around.

What to say about the mountain valleys. The cold chilly breezes gets you so choose to nature, that the stress evaporates to the fog, leaving the anaesthetised body behind. Whether it be Mount Abu or Shimla, any hill station is worth visiting!!

Travelling is essential, but safety is must. Safe mode of transport, ease of access to the place, are also worth noting points.

Now, the question comes, what to carry while travelling? Travelling will be relishing if one carries light luggage, carry all essential materials like medicines, toothpaste, soap towel are may carry a camera to preserve the memories of the place visited. Clothes should be kept according to the weather of the place. Precooking of hotels and vehicles is also imperative to avoid hasty quandaries later.

“Travel safe, and travel light, and GET SET GO!!!”

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