hau! hum HYDERABADI!

The new age star hotels have struck Hyderabad about two decades ago and since then from viceroy to the chains of taj and novotel, Hyderabad’s hospitality has reached a new high. But have you heard of those cafes which served irani chais, biryanis and other Hyderabadi cuisine which served the purpose of a lounge, a chat place for a group of friends about twenty years ago. With the intrusion of Bakeries serving pizzas and cheese cakes, Italian coffee shops like Testa Rossa and many more gaming lounges some old cafés have lost track of their business while some have gradually hit a low.

The paradise secunderabad has developed into a landmark for its biryani, attracting nationwide celebs visiting Hyderabad. The city light hotel famous for its tea, Breads and other “biskuts” has fallen into a rubble claiming lives perhaps due to its old structure while paradise went on to modernize itself not only with its menu by including other cuisines, confectioneries, but also has redone itself into a restaurant with the day to day changes in exteriors,interiors and cooking equipment.

The royal embassy café, which was where now the basheerbagh flyover stands had a ambience like those on the streets of London with tables and chairs under the umbrellas over the footpath. At a time when people did not have gramophones, this café played songs for a coin of 3 paise from its regulars. Yes! Call it the first recorded entertainment hotel.

The “palace heights”, one of the very first and fine restaurants of Hyderabad to offer a view from the top of a 10 storey building is now battling out its lackluster times. The mysore café, the peackock blue hotel and Adyar anand bhavan have all come and gone screening their class of cookery even before today’s teens have tasted them.

The “hyderabadi naashtha khaana” claimed to be better than Italian, Mexican and Lebanese by the people of the 1960’s has shrunk  today, if not  get to taste or witness many such delights and specials of our Hyderabad, there are many things about our city which have disappeared,and perhaps you’ll get to know more about such things when you talk to your grandfather more often over some Irani chai and Osmania Biskuts!

Hau na? Kya Bolte?


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