Time to make a Choice! – Elections 2014

Election heat is on, and as the world’s largest democracy gears up for the General Elections, we hear about the various propaganda that they float. However, this time around there have been some developments which were never witnessed before in the India’s history. A couple of verdicts by the Supreme Court of India seem to have wrested power, back into the right hands, that of the People of India.

The first verdict is about not permitting candidates with criminal background to be fielded for the elections. Second of those rulings by the apex court directs that there be a Right to Reject to the people, supposing that suitable candidates are not contesting elections. It is to be noted that Govt. of India is mulling over passing an ordinance against the first ruling by the Supreme Court. Many nations around the world, have already in place, this Right to Reject option for their voters, surprisingly this includes, our neighbors, Bangladesh!


All said, these two rulings by Supreme Court, must stimulate the people, more so the youth, to come out and cast their votes, some of them till now felt that there aren’t suitable candidates, so they refrained from voting altogether. Lets hope that come the  General Elections 2014, we will see the rulings by the apex court being functional and hence more voter turnout, especially with an option to “reject” unsuitable candidates.For this, mainly, the youth must come out and exercise their right to vote in large numbers. It may be worth remembering some worthy people who voiced their appeal for these reforms, the name Anna Hazare, springs to mind immediately, among many others. Here is hoping that our dear Youthopia readers will do their bit too.

Suhas Sunil Garde

Engineering graduate, who loves circuits, with a soft corner for writing... Laid back and funny, at the best of times! Sports enthusiast, love my soccer and cricket.

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