Sachin – He is more than a legend

He is more than a legend, he is more than just a hero- he is God. He is the reason why India loves this sport so much. They love him. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar defines cricket. He is the greatest, he is the best, he is well, indescribable. When it was his last innings, the entire nation cried, cried with the pain inside them that they would never see him play on the fields again. Sachin Tendulkar has crossed the record of setting records with his brilliance. He is always the jersey number 10. I am not that of a cricket fanatic and wouldn’t yap much about cricket but I recognize cricket because of this legend. If he is playing, winning is easy. He is the pride of this country and he will always be even after his retirement. Nothing will change except the one name missing in the lineup of players in the upcoming matches. His retirement shook the nation and left all of us with a tinge of sadness. Well he is a man of dignity and honor. He changes the rules because he sets them.

The Economic times even had an article headlined “It took a Sachin Tendulkar to allow Indian sportspersons to get Bharat Ratna”. 

When I started writing this article, I wanted it to be different. Everyone has written about his above the benchmark stats and the extraordinary records and his brilliance in cricket. So I went ahead and lent an ear to the fans and what they have to say about him and his retirement. I simply tweeted, asking people on twitter to let me know in simple two lines what they have to say. So have a good read and you will be surprised what he means to them and what fans mean to him.

The Castaway @NuclearBanana:

@TheBongHandle God wanted to play cricket. Sachin Tendulkar was born :p

Priyam Shah @ThatGujju:

@TheBongHandle The pitch was all joys when Sachin entered to play. First Sachin’s identity was

cricket, Now cricket’s identity is Sachin.

Suketh Chinchela @schinchela:

@TheBongHandle The colossus of  @sachin_rt shall always remain. That man has 69 records to his name. God speed.  #ThankYouSachin

Hairdofreak.  @Nightrojan:

@TheBongHandle I’ve never seen Indians unite for a specific reason.But just for a guy who set standards for cricket across the globe,I’ve not only seen Indians unite,but also I’ve seen them cry.I’m not sure if those tears were of joy,but what else could Sachin do?

Yash Padh @YashPadh:

@TheBongHandle if cricket is a religion in India, then Sachin is the God of it.

KingJeremy @TheJointFamily:

@TheBongHandle I don’t believe in someone as God but when Sachin used to come to bat,   perceptoion did tend to change.

Nuclear Kalakaar @Junior_Da_Vinci:

@TheBongHandle sachi is…cricket without Sachin is life without happiness, only sorrow. miss you sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar is a name that is going to be echoing for decades to come. He has left a very significant mark amongst all of us. Starting from his oldest association with MRF and No. 10, he will be the Tendulkar where just not Wankhade screams but entire India cheers for him. He has always been the inspiration of millions of kids all across the country to just swing the bat like him.
Sachin Tendulkar is just not a name, he is the game. His one salute to the crowd with his bat is enough to make the crowd applaud with pride and happiness. So let me know how do you feel about the changing dynamics of cricket?

Rukmini Sengupta

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