The jump of your life:Bungee Jumping!

Imagine sitting in an office cabinet and having the same old dull routine every day. Your boss screaming at you, running to finish your presentation before the deadline, handling a bunch of jealous colleagues and then again preparing for your next presentation. Sigh! The same old monotonous routine. Boring, isn’t it? Do you feel that you are missing out that fun and excitement? Feel like doing something adventurous and sporty? Then Bungee Jumping is the thing for you!

Bungee Jumping is a type of an extreme adventure sport for those people who want to feel the thrill and wish to hear their heart pound with excitement. It is made for those fearless souls who want to feel that rush of adrenaline. In this extreme sport, a person jumps off a cliff, an aeroplane or a tall building with a rope made out of rubber attached to their bodies. After the fall, the rubber rope pulls the person back up into the air due to its elasticity. The rope continues to swing the jumper up and down until all the energy settles.

As it is a risky sport, the jumper usually wears protective gear and a helmet to protect the head from any sort of damage as he has to jump upside down. Earlier, the rope used to be attached only to the ankles. But now due to safety issues, it is attached to body harnesses. It is usually performed alone with the help of a certified professional who train you for it. One should check whether the equipments are properly attached before jumping. First timers are usually advised to close their eyes and take deep breaths before jumping.

It is a rapidly growing sport in India. One of the most popular Bungee Jumping spots in India is located at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. A company called ‘Jumpin Heights’ provides attractive packages and online bookings for it. The height of the jump is 83 metres and the cost varies according to the number of jumps and the people. They also offer pictures, videos, t-shirts and a ‘dare to jump’ certificate. One can book for the jump online and can have an amazing experience.

 In few countries, there are Bungee Jumping competitions where jumpers compete with one another and perform acrobatic stunts. The judges appoint scores depending on their performances. There are many such professionals who hold world records of jumping from the highest point and there are still many who continue to break records every year. There is no such age limit to perform Bungee Jumping but it is advisable that people with any sort of heart problems stay away from it.

Bungee Jumping is a must do for those adventure lovers who want to have an amazing mixed feeling of fear and excitement. It’s a great recreational sport which gives a great sense of satisfaction after performing it. Next time when you go on a holiday, definitely give Bungee Jumping a try!

Ankita Dhar

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