I am a Science student !!!

“…Hi…I am a Science student and it’s my utmost pleasure to meet you at this moment on the face of earth and at a time where it’s an atmosphere of utter chaos and war situation going around in my mind with respect to the world, studies and as such complications of me becoming an adult…

During school, I studied hard for my board exams and that is why I am here at this moment with all the evils of the world surrounding me and the peer pressure of giving my best so as to get admission in some institution so that my future gets stamped with money, power and fame. My parents ordered me to take the science stream without even asking if I wanted to for opt it. After this diabolical decision of my parents, eventually I was taken into some coaching institute where I was trained for entrance exams. Everything around me was going way above my head. Studying at school and at the coaching centre and studying at home were what my days consisted of. My health was deteriorating and still I couldn’t do anything and nonetheless I got poor percentage in my exams and I didn�t even qualify for in any entrance exam and what I got from all this was the darkness around me and people around me calling me an unworthy candidate whose future was nowhere”


These were the thoughts that were going inside the mind of my elder cousin and even mine when it was my turn to choose a graduate course after my school. At the moment, my cousin is a well-paid bank manager and owns large land estates and holidays abroad every year. Eventually what he did was not to think of the things people were saying to him, but to work hard in the field where he himself wanted to.

Getting a job that would help one live well is what matters nowadays. Just get a high earning job, get married, start a family and live life as it is. What about the personal satisfaction of performing something and doing productive for the society? I mean people around are just working for their own selfish motives but not contributing to society. And to create a better society it is us who have to get better and make the kids in the future understand life in a better way and not stress them out with all the things which just turns them off. This is a special case of Science students. Even when I was in my class, half of my friends where total geeks and they seemed like they never had a moment of sleep in their lives with eyes bulging out like an Owl and their body movements just like that of someone who was a Kung-fu master of Drunken style (Jackie Chan movie…Drunken master for reference…)

Children nowadays and specially teenagers are full of stress and it is not only by means of career prospects but it goes to the dimensions consisting of matters which are personal, emotional and physical. To perform and remain at the top, neglecting co-curricular activities, studying all day long without any enjoyment of any sort and just writing exams day and night also along with the teenage adolescent problems where things like love and friendship takes a huge toll…what does one expect of the children being converted to? Einstein or some maniac….

It is natural that parents have high expectations from their children, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be put under so much stress that they aren’t capable enough to live their life on their own terms. Being a Science student doesn’t mean that they do not have the right to enjoy or to party. It’s high time this perception changes, and people give more space to their children. Children who love studying science should continue to love it and not think of it as a lifetime burden, and making this happen should be the priority for all who are concerned.


Varun Gopal

Someone who is trying to find what potential he actually has...loves watching movies and reading novels and quizzing...with a passion for writing..

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