Knowing the right career option

These days, choosing a career option or yourself can be a very painful task. You gotta convince so many people in your life. You gotta fill so many forms and appear for various competitive exams at the same time. And at the end of the day, you don’t even know what you actually wanna do in your life.  Here are five essential steps to set things on the right track before you lose your time and interest both.

  1. Pick up a paper and make a list of all the things you’re good at. Now give points to everything that you’ve listed.  Suppose your list includes Writing, Chemistry and Singing. Give yourself marks in each option and hence, know the option which you’re best at. Remember, that everything will seem really inviting because you love doing all of the options. But you have to choose one which you’re most passionate about. You ought to make money out of your passion.
  2. Once you’re done choosing the best option, start Google searching. Search for all the good institutes that offer the course of your choice. And there can be many. For example, you wanna pursue humanities. Under this stream there are many options- you can major in English Literature, History, etc.
  3. Consult the right people. Talk to those people who might be working in the same field or studying the same course. You will get to know about their experiences and struggle. You will learn from their mistakes and have better decision-making ability.
  4. Convince your parents. I know this can be very hard because I went through the same situation in my 12th grade. But you know what? No matter how difficult it is, you just gotta do it. You gotta tell your parents that you know better about what you have to make out of your life and they have to support you, come what may.
  5. Don’t lose hope. If everything goes right, the most important thing is to not regret your decision, no matter how difficult the course might be. Because if you start thinking that you made the right choice, everyone will turn against you. And life can’t get any worse than that. Trust me on this one!

Sudisha Misra

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