Imagine Dragons

‘When the days are cold,        

And the cards all fall,

And the saints we see are made of gold….’

As soon these words reached my ears with a soft note emitting from piano in the background, I knew that I had found ‘my’ song. I was glued to the television one evening when I heard this song. By the time it was over I could feel my emotions building up from the truth spoken through its melodious lyrics. It was the day I discovered an amazing band named ‘Imagine Dragons’.

Lead singer Dan Reynolds with his band-mates, guitarist – Wayne Sermon, bassist- Ben Mckee and drummer – Daniel Platzman, during their early year of struggles played their gig at a place called O’Sheas, famous for its cheapest beer.

At the end of a long six hour set, during their final song, Dan Reynolds collapsed on the stage mid-performance. When he came about, he got up and completed his song. This gave him a standing ovation from the crowd and also became the turning point of his life. It was then and there they came to the realization of the bond formed with people all around through their songs. Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band with increasing popularity day by day.

‘Imagine Dragons EP’ and ‘Hell and Silence EP’, released in 2010, and were exclusively recorded in the Battle Born Studios. In 2011, they released yet another EP, ‘It’s Time’. Later, in the year they signed a contract with Interscope Records and are closely working with the Grammy award winning producer Alex Da Kid. ‘Night Visions’ is their most celebrated album released in 2012.

‘It’s Time’ is perhaps the most famous song by the band. It speaks about how one should never change themselves even under dire circumstances. The song was at the 15th position in the Billboard Hot 100, making it in their 40 single. It also received nomination for Best Rock Video at MTV Video Music Awards in 2012. Nick Ford in 2012 performed it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Dan Reynolds wrote this song during his transitional song. Looking around him, he no longer knew what he was doing with his life. Hence, the song prominently speaks about the importance of being oneself.

‘Radioactive’ is a song infused with cryptic lyrics suggesting revolutionary ideas. The song gained No. 1 position on Billboard Alternative Songs, Billboard Rock Songs; and sold more than six million singles worldwide. It won the ‘Best Rock Performance’ at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and was nominated for ‘Record of the Year’.

Rolling Stone praised it immensely calling it ‘the biggest rock hit of the year.’ With soul awakening vocals it is a fusion of pop, rock and dub step genres. Mostly dubbed as dramatic, intense, abrasive, hypnotizing and haunting the song took the band on a different platform altogether. According to Reynolds, the song has personal sentiments attached to it and, raw and soaked in power, it speaks of awakening from a slumber and deciding to do something.

Emotional turmoil has always been a stimulating ingredient when it comes to their songs. Every pain and hurt from their past life has been transformed into a song, the only art they are capable of expressing themselves. Their lyrics speaks true of themselves and gives a rarest peek into their souls and talks about human condition. Another elemental fraction of their song is the use of raw and primal sounds and yet making them into harmonious tones that wouldn’t tear the listener’s eardrums.

Dan Reynolds was once quoted saying, “I’m a musician that goes by ear. And when you put those two types of people in a room together that’s when the magic happens.”

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