Symphony 2014 lives upto its expectations

Symphony 2014, the annual cultural festival of K J Somaiya College of Engineering has come to an end, and how! Not only did each event justify the theme desi swag but also made students from colleges across Mumbai learn about the potential of the OC of the biggest cultural fest of the college. Albeit a few glitches here and there, they did well; right from marketing the festival since months before the festival to executing it more or less efficiently. Let’s review Symphony 2014 to know more.


To begin with, Symphony 2014 had its major cultural events off-campus, at Somaiya Ground No. 5. Not too far from the college, but yes, not too close either. It was spread over two days. Day 1 began with Contraptions by Team Contraptions, a students’ body. The college building was decorated beautifully, evidently. Because major cultural events were to take place on the ground off-campus during the afternoon till 9pm, not many people paid attention to the events going on in the college building.

Day 1 comprised of some excellent literary events that had to face poor participation because of the scattered crowd. Creative Writing and the Symphony Debate ran well. Following is an excerpt of the winning entry for creative writing:

The hair is bright red,

And also is yellow,

But from within, the grey

does show.

Her days of riding

now, but a fading.

As she walks through mazes,


Street Dance still managed to draw some crowd in spite of Jose judging MTV Rock the Vote on the ground. Oh did I tell you about that? Hosted by VJ Jose, “rock the Vote” is a voting awareness program launched by MTV. The event was received very well by the students, and , well, yeah that’s about it.1456109_233073756816814_1523105693_n.jpg

By afternoon, the literary events had ended. Street Dance competition had ended and the people rushed to Ground No. 5 to see if Jose was still there judging Rock the Vote. And yes, he was! The contest had been delayed by a bit which caused a UV Light group dance performance being and end later than planned. Ultimately, Sparsh, the highlighted band on Day 1 didn’t get enough time on stage which enraged them to quite an extent.

Masterchef Somaiya was another interesting event on Day 1 of Symphony 2014, which, to some extent, made students forget that there weren’t many food stalls on Ground 5. The LAN Gaming event had to be cancelled, because there weren’t enough participants. These few glitches apart, Day 1 did rock.

Day 2 had again some splendid literary events, like Motley Q-the quiz competition, Spell bee and Babble. Many B.E. students participated in Motley Q, which led to a fierce competition between the participants.

Author Speak had Dipen Ambalia, the writer of “To B.E. or not to B.E.” made for a useful session for the budding writers as he gave realistic advices to the audience on how, why and when to get your book published.

Again, Day 2 had interesting events defeated by less number of participants because of the scattering of crowd. Street plays, that had apparently gained much popularity and were loved by the spectators, took a backseat this year. But Faculty Antakshari left a smile on everybody’s face before they left for Ground 5 to enjoy allegedly grander events.

At Ground 5 were waiting Group Dance, Fashion Show and DJ Nite. Group Dance performances amazed all. Fashion show further added to the glamour quotient of the festival. However, there were some issues backstage regarding whether to allow the boys to lift the girls as a part of their “walk”, which was later resolved; and the event was loved and cheered for by the people.


The much awaited “DJ Nite” was off-putting for some because of too much dust. Nonetheless, right from F.E. to B.E., even the faculty members were in their groove as they tapped their feet to tunes by the DJ.

What was truly loved for both the days of Symphony 2014 was Galleria, the art exhibition. Both students and teachers had their artwork in the form of sketches, photographs, portraits and glass paintings displayed. The room was decorated with Rangoli, giving an ethnic touch to the exhibition.

All in all, Symphony 2014 Desi Swag has set a benchmark for future symphony OCs to look back and learn from.

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