In the name of success

Look around,everyone is busy running their own race,

Madly,blindly,with the aim of being ace

They forget who they are,just keep on running
In their mad race, turned crude and cunning
All they seem to see,is their sole goal ahead,
So oblivious and cold, they lose their head
Some want money, some fame, the “common agenda” is SUCCESS..
Soaked in pretense, craving to impress
Why do they forget the ones who love them?
And make their life,no less than a mayhem
Why don’t they see, the helping hand on their shoulder?
Why do they instead, resonate with smolder ?
Why don’t they see, their relationships inflicted with dissonance?
While all they see is power and flamboyance..
To the love and friendship,why do they turn a blind eye?
By the gust of ego, why don’t they see the bond die?
Where is the serenity,peace and tranquility?
Whereto did they bury their sheer sincerity?
Can the warmth and benevolence be regenerated?
With purity and calm,their minds be impregnated?

Tavishi Dutt

I am pursuing my engineering in Electronics and Communication branch,in my third year. I love to read as much as time permits and have a keen interest in writing,which includes articles,poems and short stories.I am hard working and dedicated towards

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