It’s All About Marketing

You can start a new venture anytime, anywhere; but how are you going to sustain it? Capital investment can be manageable, but how are you going to ensure the rate of return, if nobody even knows that you exist in the market?

Recognition of the brand is much more important than actually selling it, be it a product or a service that you are providing. If people remember your product, they are bound to try it out some or the other time in the future. But if they are unaware about the services you provide as an organization, it is pointless even being in the market.

It is essential to gain popularity as a product, but what is more vital is to create a brand image! That’s why we have ambassadors! They not only publicize your product, but also corner target audiences in a way such that the product is bound to sell on its own.

It all depends on your marketing strategy! You can be a freelancer or a full fledged entrepreneur, what matters is not how you began your journey, but, how you keep it alive and kicking. Anybody can become an entrepreneur and sometimes even at the click of a finger, but how does one reach in the top 10 or be the best? Meticulous and strategic marketing!

During marketing, you need to build contacts. You need to keep promoting and publicizing constantly. It is not too easy to get established, but what is worse is to create a mark and a niche for yourself in the market. Competition is tough and at times the going can get rough, if you need to hang on in there, you need to be on your toes all the while!

For example, if you decide to launch a new website, how are you going to collect the required traffic flow? You need to promote! You need to market your website! Among family, friends, social circles, acquaintances, anybody that you can reach out to. You need to keep creating a regular buzz about the facilities provided by your website.

If you need to attract more crowd, you need to market. Use the medium of Below the Line activities, like road side promotions, mall promotions, organize an event, keep contests to participate and win prizes! If you manage to create an impact, you succeed; but only temporarily! If you need to stay afloat, you need to do this on a regular basis.

Another crucial aspect of marketing is – knowing your target audience. For example, if you want to launch a new fashion label of clothing for working women, who would you target? Besides all the ladies, you need to rope in the men too, because that is from where the cash is going to ultimately flow. Your ad campaign should please both the sexes in order to win the battle!

Marketing occurs every minute every second, and boy it sure ain’t easy! And not just any kind of marketing, you need to do clever marketing! But if in the end, you need to survive in the big bad world, you need to have a business acumen, but even more importantly, you need to be a good marketer!

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