Has been sitting in the drafts section for a while and it decided to see the dawn today, so here it is. “Jugalbandi”, if you don’t know, is an act / performance by two or more musicians where the performance is not clearly performed by just one person alone. The title, however, differs its diction relating to the various happenings across the nation. “Bandit”, as per wikipedia, is a lawless desperate marauder. So you get the drill?

Ever since the ruling party has taken charge this term, all I saw was havoc around the nation. The situation might have been prevalent earlier when someone else was in-charge or I might be just over reacting because I’m much aware of the situations now. Whatever it is, it appears to me like the scene of an old dungeon where rats run around everywhere and everyone is too busy to care.

One day it is the national elections, the next day it is the debate for the PM chair. Not very soon, there is a hike in the taxes, prices and life becomes dear. Consequently, there would be riots or a day of Boycott (the only tactic of a common man). Right out of the blue moon, there would be a terrorist attack or naxalite rampage and the entire nation’s focus is on ‘Feel, Forgive and Forget’.


By the time we cope from the tragedy, we’d be hearing news of someone being alleged of a scam / scandal and there’d be outrage again. Good Samaritans start their revolt against the legislature and the legislative and the whole nation comes together, which is great, but the inherent quality of  “Feel, Forgive and Forget” creeps in again. And guess who takes advantage of that! No sooner all the accused would be celebrating Homecoming.


Like a lone star during the dusky twilight, there’d be a moment of pride where we launch a satellite or celebrate our victory in a world series. And not very late there’d be events of porn watching at work and that’d not just be any common man. Not to feel left behind, sexual acts of self proclaimed god’s descendants would be out in public and again the cynosure is one someone / something else.


The very next week you have the left and rights withdrawing their supports for a regional issue and there’d be persuasions again. The above mentioned is a never ending cycle like my first C-Program, running in an infinite loop. Having said that, it reminds me of the drawings that I always tried to master at; I start drawing a Horse eating grass and I end up drawing a Dog drooling over crap. Finally, I always ended up erasing the whole picture. Sometimes I wish there’d be a feature like that or something like the Flush on a toilet seat.


Jai Hind!

Vishnu Kamisetty

Leader by choice, Web Dev by Profession and Human by nature

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