I am my dad’s princess

“It looks so beautiful outside today! The sun, the flowers, the chirping birds… Oh there I can see children playing in the park… Wow! It all looks so wonderful… I wonder when I’ll be a part of this world… but I’m still very small, very tender to be a part. My mom takes care of me so much that I can soon be strong enough to play around, go to school, and spend time with my family… Wow! I wish I can grow up soon… it’s all so wonderful… My mom says my dad is waiting for me- his princess!!…. My grandparents are waiting to read out stories to me… and so many new people whom I got to meet!.. I wish I could grow up soon..!

Today my mom was upset, don’t know why! She is sad… she is worried. Dad please take care of her… it indirectly hurts me –your princess!!

Today I will be taken to the doctor… I’m so excited he will be telling me when I can be strong to be on my own, but my mother sounds worried… I told her not to worry but yet she does… Dad please take care of her… it hurts your princess!!

I can feel myself strong… growing up… but wait! What’s happening!!… It’s hurting. Dad, please tell them to stop… Mom, please help me… Don’t you want me to be a part of your family? Am I not the princess I was told I am?

I died even before being born, even before seeing the world which looked so beautiful through my mom’s eyes. But I’ll be born again in a world that need’s me and to a dad for whom I’ll be THE PRINCESS….”

Sitting in my well furnished office I feel content and satisfied. I recollect my dad’s face when he takes pride in his successful daughter. He is proud of how complete I am. I am the woman who cares for the family and who contributes to the society as well, who is more of treasure and not a burden. He tells me how he felt when he held me for the first time in his hands. He cherishes the moment of being a proud father to an little angel. He wanted to do everything he could and much beyond. Now he feels content for being true to his words. He gave me the freedom and wings to fly, to make my world and discover my limits. Its now because of him I’m what I am. Dad I’m happy to have made you proud. Your princess has finally proved her worth… all credits to you – dad!

“…I would have achieved the same a few years back if I was given a chance then… no regrets dad! You are still the best!! I promised to back when the world was ready to accept me and now AM I YOUR PRINCESS FINALLY”


Thousands such unborn princess are killed just because their family didn’t want them or considered as a burden. Who knows they might have become someone very successful and famous like Chanda Kochhar or Indra Nooyi. If not them some like you and me. But what they need is a chance to survive in hands of the cruelty met out by the society. I personally feel if the father would accepts a girl child she would live to be a gift to the society.  Man is considered the core of a family then the decision to have a girl child also lies with him.

I have been one of those lucky princesses who have been blessed with fathers who care of them, for whom their daughters’ the apple of their eyes!

Today, I would like to thank my dad for treating me so special and bestowing me with all his love and affection. Dad, you have been my friend, philosopher and guide! Your support and love matters the most to me. I am sure many would agree to me as their fathers play the same role in their lives.

My salutation to all those proud fathers who feel their girl is equally important as a boy, to those who feel their daughters contribute equally to their family and society. A girl is more attached to her father, so to all those fathers out their save your dear princesses! A message ought to be spread.

Happy father’s day daddy!!  Happy father’s day to all proud fathers!!.. 🙂

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