The Best keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

Deadlines. Freaky deadlines. When they are approaching, every minute seems like an era.

Like the child trying to write every extra word on that exam answer sheet, you will try to add every possible detail into that report. You are 15 minutes away from submitting it. You need one final proof from THAT savior friend. S/he needs to approve it.

Your heart-rate goes up and brain starts to panic. You suddenly cannot spot the reply-all button. You spend 3 minutes to find it. After spending 42 seconds to find your previous email conversation, another 15 seconds go into hitting that send button.

Oh wait! You forgot to attach the file. Where the hell is the Undo button??? Ok. Undo. Re-send. With attachment. 6 precious minutes gone. The friend has to revert in 9 minutes, only.

What if his mind conks off and he can’t find the buttons too?

Ok. Don’t panic. Here is your Cheat-sheet. This info-graphic puts together the best keyboard shortcuts you need to know for the ubiquitous email service – Gmail. You can thank us later. Bookmark this page now.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts | Youthopia
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts | Youthopia

Infographic Source: VisualEks | Image Source

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