PING yourself for a second!

I am not going to update you on any latest Samsung note 3 stuff or some iPhone 5C specifications! This is about the life beyond the camera megapixels, the inbuilt memory and the RAM size.
Technology is the best thing that might have happened to us but then it has completely replaced the people in our lives. I mean yes a smart-phone can be the best buddy during your travel, your presentations, exams or even just to be a time-pass at the airport when nothing to do, but hey where is the part where you are independent. Somehow this whole technological loop has enclosed all of us within it. We are now so dependent on it. For example, when we lose/misplace our phones, we run and find it like ninjas, turn the place upside down to find that one piece of lifeline out. Cry gallons maybe, when you can’t find it anymore- technology has achieved what it wanted, it makes us cry and it makes us smile.

But every invention and discovery is a boon and a danger. It’s up to us to go for the pros or the cons. The list is ready and we just need to make the right choice. With a personal experience, I sometimes curse this technology. I give my friends a call to meet up for a evening chat, but all we would do there is either plays games on the phone or rather chat on whatsapp/BBM or might just facebook! Where is the person to person socializing? Where are the heart to heart conversations? Where are those opening up times and the free moments? They all have disappeared in this virtual world we have created.

Our lives are nowadays more about the number of likes on facebook, the RTs and followers on twitter and the best picture on instagram. There is a small crowd of the mass that is still unaffected by this technological dome. People fight with each other through texts and mails, show affection through a status or even share their happiness by posting on walls and tweeting each other. Somewhere between cyber cafes and iPads, we grew up but we forgot to carry the baggage of emotions, affection and relationships along with us. We need to understand that there is only a limited importance band for these gadgets. Yes, I agree that the iPad is kind of the best travel buddy and that phone you have in your hand serves as the life-saver in most situations, but the love we show for these upcoming technologies, if a little bit of that love we showed for the people around us, the world would of course be a better place to live in.

Though I am always told that I am on the phone and the laptop, now I realize while writing this how much I have missed out on life and how many things I wish to undo. But honestly, we are so crippled with technology; we can’t take a step ahead without them. I am not telling you to surrender your gadgets and live a beep free life. All I am telling is, lift your head up, look at the people around and have a normal conversation rather than burying yourself into that whatsapp conversation with the emoticons which apparently depict your emotions, and not know about what is happening around you.

You would rather want to be a part of something big rather than miss out the fun than instagram it with hashtags. Just saying.

Rukmini Sengupta

blogger, writer, active on twitter, undergrad student doing engineering.

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