Khushwanth Singh: Thanks for the Laughter Riot

When Khushwant Singh said “I adore Sachin Tendulkar, I didn’t read between the lines.”

He took Sachin too seriously. Couldn’t complete the century. 99 out. If he was alive, he surely would have had a hearty laugh without taking offence. Khushwant Singh is one name that every humor loving Indian knows every book stall owner loves. His believed in the celebration of Life and he lived it through his jokes.

If you are a follower of his jokes, or would be one now, you will realise that every joke of his has a social or political context and he aired the joke was his perspective. Be it the Emergency movement or about his father being accused for Bhagath Singh’s death.

His jokes did justice to all geographies of India. From Punjab to Madras, to northeast to gujju land, no part of India was left untouched. He was known for his sarcastic take on numerous Congress leaders in the political circles. It’s believed even those leaders enjoyed these.

As he might be famous for humor, he has written highly acclaimed books such as “The Train to Pakistan”, “Sex, Scotch and Scholarship”, “Burial at the Sea”, “I shall not hear the Nightingale” etc. His short stories like “The love affair in London” and “The Mark of Vishnu and other stories” are the work of a true genius.

As one of his follower puts it, he said “I am the only joker whom the Government of India has endorsed with awards like Padma Vibhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Sahitya Academy. Hasi mazaak mein serious hogaye yeah log toh!”. Such is his touch of humour to every aspect of life.

As every good thing comes to an end, so did his life. But his works are to live on as a legacy.

Guessing what he would said if asked to comment on his death, we think his reply would be “It’s time to tickle people in heaven. Let’s make them ROFL”.


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