Annoying Things People Do In Delhi Metro

9 Annoying Things People Do in Delhi Metro

These are the mere observations of someone who travels in Delhi Metro.
People tend to do a lot of annoying things in Metro to kill their free time. Some have been listed below.

1. Pole Dance : They never lose a chance to show off their revolving skills around the pole. As if they are trying to prove dogs right.

2. Blocking the Door : OMG!! No matter how empty the coach may be. They still gather at the door as if they are at some Langar Pandal.

3. Stepping on Shoes : Guys, better carry your own shoe polish and brush in case you are going to office. And the day you wear white shoes, don’t forget to wash it in Nirma. Sabki Pasand Nirma, Nirma.

4. Peeping into Other’s Phones : Whether you are chatting with your girlfriend or your boss, there will always be eyes peeping into your phones, apart from Metro’s CCTV Cameras.

5. Farting : The moment you feel the vibe, spray your Deo. People never lose a chance to fart around. And the day they eat Mooli Ke Paronthe, Uss Din To Allah Hi Maalik Hai. Phew !!!

6. Bhaisaab, Adjust ho Jao : O Ho. The core negotiators who don’t mind in negotiating space.

7. Falling Asleep : One of the best way to kill time. Sleep and dream in day light. Just tie your hands with the hanger, Or So Jao.

8. Bhaiyya, Ladies Seat : Womaniya Power. The moment you see them coming, leave the ladies seat. Otherwise be ready for a brawl. Biwi or Girlfriend, Dono Se Bhi Ganda Maaregi.

9. Sleeping on the Floor : As if Delhi Metro is the next Local.

These are the mere observations. I couldn’t resist to illustrate them.

Dhruv Girdhar

His doodling has been turned into a startup, Vilaasmay Store, which offers cool Home Decor and Lifestyle Products.

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