Lonavala- paradise of the monsoons

At 673m above sea level, situated between Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is a monsoon paradise.  Beautiful landscapes, water-falls and lakes give it an enchanting beauty like no other place. Come monsoon and this beautiful place is thronged with loads of tourists coming from different parts of the country. With the Pune- Mumbai expressway running through Lonavala, it becomes a hotspot for people travelling by the expressway.  

Places to visit

The most famous tourist attraction in Lonavala is LIONS POINT. Some 7kms from the Lonavala railway station lions point gives us a beautiful view of the hills in Lonavala as well as some beautiful water-falls. Many bollywood movies are shot at this location due to the amazing view it offers. Watching the sun set at this place gives a peaceful as well as a romantic experience to anyone. Horse riding is also offered to tourists who are interested in exploring the places around this point.

Aamby valley, located a little over 5kms from Lions point is another tourist hotspot. The drive to aamby valley is an experience in its own. Skydiving is a major attraction at aamby valley. Though not allowed to enter aamby valley without a pass, the scenery around it is so enchanting that people visit it many a times.

The lakes like the Pawna Lake, Bhushi Lake and the Tata dam are favourite hangouts for youngsters as well as families. Pawna Lake offers boat rides, jet ski rides and causal boating to the highly energetic people. For people who just want to relax, many lake restaurants facing the lake are located.

Bhushi dam is another major tourist attraction in lonavala. The water flowing over the steps of the dam are the highlight of the place. Combined with the hot piping food, the amazing weather and the company of near and dear ones Bhushi dam is a must visit place.

For people who like old structures and caves, Lonavala provides them with two very famous caves- Bhaja cave and Karla caves. On the way to bhaja caves there is an old fort, which is used as a trekking spot by the people. Just by getting one look of the waterfalls people forget all their tiredness and walk up to the fort with a new zeal.

Karla caves has a temple within its premises, making it a place of devotion as well as a tourist spot. The hill on which the cave is located can be seen from almost all parts of lonavala. The lighting on the hell gives it a beautiful look in the night time.

A recent addition to the appeal of Lonavala is the wax museum situated on the highway. Replicas of many famous and eminent personalities are a big attraction at this museum. Adventure junkies have a go-karting track very close to the museum. Della adventure is a favourite spot for people who like to take part in extreme sports and adventure activities.


Vada pav and missal pav are the specialities of this place. Vada pav essentially is a potato cutlet stuffed in a bun and had with a chutney. This simple dish is one of the staple foods of the people of Lonavala. Misal pav is another staple diet for the people here, the best misal (the local name) can be had at a place called ‘Bua  ka misal’ which is located on the national highway running through Lonavala. Numerous ‘dhabas’ and restaurants are also located in and around Lonavala making sure that food can never be a problem to the tourists.

The local food can be enjoyed at small restaurants located in the city, which serve hygienic and hot food. The ‘Lonavala chikki’ and the walnut fudge are the most sought after deserts in this place. The chikki and fudge come in various flavours which is an important factor for making it so famous.

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