Gone are the days when our mornings were greeted by a gentle breeze and charming chirps of bird. However such a Paradise still exists. The serene greenery here engulfs you and it seems as if it is trying to tell you a story in which you get interwoven automatically. Bharatpur in Rajasthan is a place like this. Situated within the golden triangle formed by Jaipur, Delhi and Agra, Bharatpur is well connected by roadways as well as airways. It is needless to say that the most mesmerizing thing about the entire town is the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. There seems to be a completely different aura once you enter the premises of the sanctuary.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is also known as the Keolodeo Ghana National Park. It was declared a sanctuary in 1956.It became a National Park in 1982 and became a World Heritage Site in 1985. The entire park is spread over an area of 22 square km. After completing all the required formalities, one enters into the lush green forest with a paved way in the middle for the visitors to move about. One has to either heir a rickshaw or a bicycle to discover the enigmas of the entire expanse. The rickshaw man there is actually a lot more knowledgeable than you can think of. And of course, never forget to carry your pair of binoculars with you. Once you start delving deep into the forests, you will see thousands of Natural Surprises waiting for you. One among the jewels is the Siberian Crane. Bharatpur waits with baited breath for the arrival of the Siberian Crane. Apart from the Siberian Crane, there are other migratory birds such as Siberian Crane, Steppe Eagle, Pale and Marsh Harriers, Osprey, Common Teal, Indian Little Ringed Plover. Among the water birds the easiest to spot is the Painted Stork. The white and pink bird lives in groups and is magnificent in size. When it spreads its wings, you feel as if you are standing in front of the most beautiful creation on earth. There are almost innumerable species of birds found here. In the end, you would actually get confused but the Green Experience is impossible to forget. You could get an idea about the diversity and calmness of the place by the fact that Dr. Sálim Ali, the grand old man of ornithology, was happiest here, in the midst of nature and the birds.

Beside fauna, the Park is a perfect display of diverse fauna. The very name of the forest has the word ‘Ghana’ in it which means ‘dense’. Hence, along with birds, you get a perfect view of the sundry plant species. Ranging from swampy plant species like water fern, lotus and duckweed to semi-arid vegetation like babul, ber, khejri the vegetation is abundant in its variation.

Mammalian fauna of Keoladeo National Park is equally rich with 27 identified species Blue Bullferal cattle and spotted deer are common while sambar are few. Wild Boar and porcupine are often spotted sneaking out of the Park to raid crop fields. Two mongoose species small Indian mongoose and the common Indian gray mongoose, are occasionally found. Cat species present include the  jungle cat and the  fishing cat. The Asian Palm Civet and the small Indian civet are also present.

With all these allures also exists some attractive points such as The Python Point or the Shiva temple which is suggested by the name of the park itself i.e. Keolodeo which is a synonym of Lord Shiva.

Nothing can deny the fact that there is truly a charisma in this National Park. It captivates you so much that even for some hours of the day; you actually forget the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You are very close to nature. You breathe in fresh air and interestingly even in the scorching heat, you don’t need to look for a shade. It is indeed travelling with you! I am sure that such a place cannot leave an itinerant at peace. So without giving a second thought, start planning up your next vacations to Bharatpur; The Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan.


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