Me being a bibliophile

Why do I love reading books so much?

Why am I not into circuits and networks which is my ambition?

Why a bibliophile?


Once I loved fairy tales. I was a lot into them and one day when someone asked ‘Why do you love them so much?’ I had no answer! But recently, I found an answer to the unsolved question.

Fairy tales are not true but they create an impact on every kid who enjoys them. Not just fairy tales but even books like Harry Potter, who doesn’t love them! According to me, a book for children or teens must not just be enjoyed by them but even by people elder to them, and that is when it is really good and awesome.

I never read books to boast about them, I read them because I find solace in reading. Harry Potter is true not because there exists monsters in it, but because he kills the monsters in it. Such books improve the confidence and morale of a child. One may not really fly on a broom but what if one day he thinks of making a broom out of blue, which really does the job?

Now I no longer read to amuse or inspire myself, I only read to live. Books help me in finding the meaning of life, the definition of love. They guide me like my parents, teach me without punishments and finally make me a better human being.

Books are never bad, books are never dirty. It purely depends on how the reader receives it. A book is just well written or badly written. Some felt that books must be touched, but only a few books must be read and savoured.

Few authors are always in my good books, not because I just read their books and got fascinated; but because I went to their world, enjoyed myself and came back. When I truly a love a book, it gets a little dog eared, a little torn  and has your favourite food in it in the form of stains.

Books are never dead beings, they have life in them and they make lives out of themselves. Books should be ones alma mater, one’s childhood and one’s obsession. Watching a movie surely gives you pleasure but reading a book makes you spell bound and lets you drift you to a world which is unknown to you.

People blog, people write and people publish. When you have something on your mind and you want to read about it but can’t find a book which really has something that you can connect to, is when you get to write a book all by yourself. One may be good writer but one can surely can be a good reader. Impressing everyone’s heart may not be your thing but impressing yourself is always your thing!

I am not a book collector, I am a book lover and so I am a bibliophile! It is not madness, it is not creepy when I say books are my obsession. It is just the love for them. I don’t use words which people need to use a dictionary for, I love expressing myself in a way that every reader should be able to savour my expression regardless of his vocabulary and reading skill.

When I write something, I do expect people to copy it. When someone loves something they expect it to be theirs and hence when someone plagiarizes my work, I don’t feel bad for it. Instead I enjoy it because what is important is that people read my work and they enjoyed my work.

Sai Chaitanya Banala

Engineer by ambition , writer by passion !!

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