The Only person even Rajni can’t beat – Mom

I start this post with a thought 8 years back in time, when I was in my 11th grade. It was when I went and asked my Mom if I can turn an entrepreneur. She smiled and said “Sure. Ask me if you need help”. Two months later, I went back to her with my first earning. Excited with the pay cheque in hand, I declared “I have my first entrepreneurial income”. Smiling at my excitement, she said “In everything you do, remember to ask yourself one simple question before starting ‘Does this harm anyone before doing any good?’ Answer this and leave the rest to your intuition.” This has been the mantra for everything that I have done and will do in the coming years.

While Mom is a precious asset for everyone, for Entrepreneurs they are Super-Moms for reasons best known to our breed. From being your first ‘Angel’ investors, lead generators, PR agencies, finance consultants & best critics, they wear as many hats as the Entrepreneur does.

At a time when my batch mates were bagging lucrative job offers, me going the untrodden path was definitely not easy on her. Society being a bitch, one can imagine stuff she had to listen from people around. All the while, not even once did she ever complain. She is a Mom!

I was contemplating the idea of talking to her and thank her for everything. But Naah! We don’t talk senti to each other you see, so I decided to pen it. To be truthful, the time we spend talking is negligible to the time we spend arguing. I guess it’s the same with a lot of Mom-son duo, with a few exceptions. Best parts, both of us are amazed when we see another Mom & Son conversing peacefully for long. Our timer starts to tick exactly after 5 mins, eager to see them break into an argument. It’s a different story that we don’t take more than 15 mins to patch-up after any given argument, a fact that irritates my dad & sister even more.

But why a post and not something else?

Well, I could have brought her a bag of goodies. But no, I don’t want to be yelled at again for blowing bucks on stuff she doesn’t like or use. A bouquet? You beat me with your logic of “Flowers look better on Plants” mom. I am sure this way you would start the day happy, while I don’t mind some yelling in the evening. You know the brighter side? I don’t even need to tell you about this post. Given your Facebook presence, you will read this much before.

But there is one promise I would like to make. I might not draw fat pay cheques early, but the graph knows a single direction: Upwards. I wouldn’t do a thing that would let you down. I am enjoying every moment of this journey and that’s precious experience. In recent years you’ve also heard a few people say “Your son will achieve great heights”. Such kind words have been a great source of zeal to achieve my benchmarks. While I move up the ladder, I promise to make sure everyone around me progress equally.

And yeah, if any day I fall short of cash to date a rock-star girl, I shall not hesitate to ask you. I know you want to talk more about the rock-star girl part; that’s another reason for a post and not a conversation. Your question pops-up “So whats happening your end? Any progress?”

As always, I shall evade this question. But trust me, like the entrepreneurial decision, this one too will too make you proud. Someone once told me “You will only have a Princess by your side, given that you have been born and raised in the arms of a Queen!”

If that was heavy, let me close this one Rosesh-style!

“Hawa mein hain khushi ki aroma

Meri pyari momma, meri pyari momma

Say hi to happiness n tata to trauma

Meri pyari momma, meri pyari momma”   Woopieeee!

Surya Adavi

Data Analytics Consultant by the Day; Dreamer @ Youthopia by the Night. Journalist by Passion; Entrepreneur by Profession. Sums it up!

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