Media versus social problems

When it comes to being a good Samaritan then Media has its own special place in the list. With the modern equipment available, media has come to be one of the most advanced sectors of the industry. Earlier when Media wasn’t as widespread, things and calamities happening around the world would not be available to the common man. With the advent of radio, television and mainly newspapers, there has been a huge growth in the media sector.

Whether it is the corruption charges on Bangaru Laxman by the sting operation done by  Tehelka, or the recent 2-G scam and the advent of ‘India against corruption’ campaign, media has played a major role in all of these.

The inhuman rape of a 22 year old which happened on 16th of December, 2012 in a moving bus at Delhi created a stir in the entirety of India. The news-hype created by the media led to protests near Rashtrapati Bhawan for changing the laws that weren’t as strict as they should have been. It is not like rape cases never happened but they weren’t dsicussed in public. Now when one reads newspaper they can see around 5-6 rape cases all over India happening. This has what led to people know about what crisis the country is facing. This is a war going between Media versus these social issues.

Corruption, rape cases, molestation, lesser jobs, murder, poverty and other relevant issues are brought into the focus more because of Media, and those who are keeping up with it know what the issues we are facing are, and more importantly what can be done to deal with them.. It is time that we sat up took notice, and actually do something about what we see around us, and not just be the observers.

Varun Gopal

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