People & Magnetism

A thought has considerable prowess. It has the power to transform perception of people, revolutionize eras and dawn upon a new world. Our fine world spins upon such great ideas by bright minds of past and present.
But to think that for all these years your soul mate was a magnet would surely sound sheerly absurd or even insane. And certainly realizing that along with your soul mate, your best pal, siblings and parents as well were all magnets wouldn’t make it any saner. Anybody reading this might be just as bewildered, intrigued or even hysteric as the folks of 16th century to whom Galileo Galilei had put put forth his idea of heliocentrism. But what you really need is a knack of perception to see what most are blind to. And even an object as ordinary as a magnet could change your world in ways never contemplated.
Such a brainstorm transformed my world as well when I began to perceive same things in a different. Truly did it transformed my world. This world I stumbled across isn’t a fraction different than our Earth; It spins from west to east; Every latitude and longitude still coalesce as erstwhile and nor has global warming been curbed. The sole difference is the people are no more. Rather it is a world of magnets. Magnets of all heights and weights, of all races, of all nationalities and of all professions. Wrapped by layers of skin, beneath the mass of flesh and bones, we truly are magnets incognito.
With the aid of a few questions and answers I shall divulge the analogy:
Q – How can we, humans, be related to magnets?
A- Let us consider a biological approach to comprehend. We all know that the messages across our body are transmitted through electrical impulses. These electrical impulses in turn create magnetic fields of weak magnitude around them as they traverse. The brain, which is the transmitter and receptor of these signals also has a weak magnetic field of its own. Whereas it is known that the heart has the strongest magnetic field in the body. This gives us the fundamental structure as magnets. 
Q – How would you define our characters, traits with respect to magnets?
A- Considering the aspects of human nature and magnetic properties, we are significantly bonded to magnets. We are aware that magnets have two    poles – a north and a south and that opposite poles attract while like poles repel. Our human characteristics too can be broadly categorized as positive and negative serving as poles. Now whether the positive or negative characters correspond to north or south pole varies from individual to individual.
While befriending someone, we are enticed to specific traits and tend to get along i.e our pole north or south aligns to the respective opposite of the other. But at some point in time, 

we ought to have a dispute with that person and discover vile traits. In terms of my hypothesis this is the spatial exposure of one of our poles to the corresponding like pole of the other which results in repulsion.
Another important property of magnets is their magnetic field which as per the corresponding human terminology would account for personality. Now we humans have a strange tendency to follow what leaves a decent impression upon us though subconsciously. When we meet a person with a strong personality, we are impressed or inspired or rather aptly influenced. On the contrary, if we are endowed with a strong personality, we influence the people in our vicinity. In short, we either follow a personality or are followed but it all happens subconsciously.
In terms of magnets, if a magnet with a weak magnetic field comes in the magnetic field of a stronger one, its poles rearrange themselves in a manner such that the magnet is said to be magnetized. 
Q – How would you compare the human life to that of a magnet?
A – Well you see, during our life time, we age. And as we age, we grow weaker in copious aspects. So does a magnet in its properties after a fixed time of usage. 
Q – Well in human life, some people develop a strong personality with age due to experience. What about magnets?
A – Yes, very true indeed. But experience is an external factor in this context. Experience is what we face during our lifespan. With regard to magnets, experience is nothing but the factors that boost the magnetism of a weakening magnet such as the passage of current.
“My Conjecture of People & Magnetism”
Well as you might already know, the earth itself is like a giant bar magnet with a magnet north and south south pole apart from its geographical north and south pole. And as per my “Conjecture of People and Magnetism”, it is not really gravitation pull that binds us to the surface of the of the earth but rather magnetism that does so. People at different location on the earth align their corresponding opposite poles to the respective pole of earth dominant at that region and hence remain on the surface of the earth.
For an instance, a resident of Greenland will have his south pole directed towards the surface of the earth while a citizen of Australia would have his north pole directed towards the surface.
Q – Why magnets?
A – When I was in my schooling days, a remember a story by Selma Lagerlof – “The Rat Trap”. It depicted a character, a rat trap seller who envisaged the world with all the bounties it offered as a rat trap with cheese crumb and the people as rats. It was the way he perceived the world. All you need is an idea to see things differently.
Similarly this is an idea that hit upon me and ever since then, that’s how I began to perceive – a world of magnets. It could be anything for that matter, it depends entirely upon your perception.
Hence amigos, the way I see it, we truly are a world of magnets.

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