Money Making 101

“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.” – Benjamin Franklin


Take a bow Mr. Benjamin Franklin but on updating the quote to the 21th century version it simply paves a way to further read this article.
Whatever may be said in the praise of “Money: Not Proportional to happiness or it is inversely “, the fact remains that it is simply not awesome to live a life without loving money or earning some. For a person to make the most out of his talent, live life or to develop soul without plenty of money, it would simply mean a one way journey to Bermuda Triangle. To unfold one’s inner talents, discover himself, develop that talent he must have many tools. All these many tools simply mean spending money.


The sole objective of one’s life is development, and this inalienable right requires the sole acceptance of right to be rich. It would be a sin if you say “I don’t wanna get rich “. Everyone needs development and to a live a life at least at the footsteps of a mountain of completeness of life. Life has become too complex and the web of life we are caught in simply requires a great amount of wealth to even approach completeness.


A person who doesn’t desire to have all the wealth needed to buy whatever he wants is unnatural or can be termed ABNORMAL. Why?
The desire to earn more is directly proportional to making more wealth which is also proportional to the desire of living a richer, fuller and more abundant life.  A person who doesn’t want his life to be abundant is ABNORMAL.

Live life: We are all acquainted with the bad consequence of living for the body. The good consequence could be living for the heart but it’s purely a fiction concept. One can’t live fully without nice food, comfortable clothing and good shelter. Also love is really necessary to live. Of these basic necessities, one can control his desires of food, bed and shelter. But love?

To live at least satisfactorily, a person must have love, and love is denied fullest expression by poverty. The person who can’t give anything to his spouse, children or a human, the person who can’t fill up the place, the person who can’t address to the needs of one he loves is denied the right to be happy by this world. The necessary use of material things fulfills one’s life, develops his mind and unfolds the soul.

“The right to be rich is thus the supreme right to live “

Spending time in contemplating the vision of getting rich is really necessary for every individual.  Dreaming is today’s word and it’s awesome. One must again not put too much stress in this contemplation of mental image.

Differentiating oneself from the masses is really necessary, comparison helps but also pulls one’s legs sometimes. A person must pass from competitive to creative mind to flow in the process of making money. The purpose of getting rich should be kept in one’s mind and should be constantly reviewed upon.

The wealthy invest their energy in being wealthy, investing in new businesses and other money making instruments. What every person should do is the same …

Once the target is fixed, one should not deviate from the path of achieving it. Like wealthy who devote the highest proportion of their funds to investment and far less on status, so should everyone.

One should always be in a process of going for the peak rather than settling at the bottom of the peak in a classy tent. The joy of capturing the peak of the mountain is far more desirable and enjoyable than keeping the journey comfortable.

Money is just a human invention to facilitate the exchange of energy. Earning it may seem to be difficult but start loving the process of earning it and you are on on the right path.

The wealth earned shall always remain in proportion to the definiteness of the vision , the fixity of the purpose of “WHY EARN ? “ , the steadiness of the faith , and the depth of the gratitude for earning it.

Sai Chaitanya Banala

Engineer by ambition , writer by passion !!

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