Startup Weekend Hyderabad: Stay Tuned, Fun is on its way!

As shared by Varun Mundkur

On 13th July, 2012 Krishnateja Madempudi, Nandkrishna T and I, Varun Mundkur formed a team at the Hyderabad edition of Startup Weekend held at the Indian School Of Business. The concept we proposed (TagABuddy) won a spot in the top 3 ideas at the event. Our team has been developing the idea since then and TagABuddy is nearing its completion today.

The Startup Weekend gives a great platform for designers, developers and people with ideas to connect with each other. We started off as a trio of strangers meeting for the first time but ended up a cohesive unit by the end of the weekend. The atmosphere was energetic and the race against time compelled us to think hard and act fast. The Startup Weekend format allowed us to test our product with other teams in the event and tweak it based on the feedback we received. A number of mentors visited us through the course of the event and helped us shape our idea into a viable business plan. By the end of the third day we even had a prototype of TagABuddy ready, something which I would not have felt possible at the start of the summit. It was a fantastic experience seeing our idea getting converted into reality.

A little bit about the application: TagABuddy is an fun interactive Facebook application that helps users meet new people on Facebook through a collaborating story writing process. If you enjoyed games like Mad Libs in school, you are sure to enjoy TagABuddy. The design of the App is very user friendly and has a young appeal. We have added a gamification element that allows you to progress through levels and compete with your friends too.

Our team, Varun (currently pursuing his MBA at the ISB), Krishnateja (Entrepreneur and Graphics Designer) and Nandkrishna (Entrepreneur and Software Consultant) is excited about TagABuddy’s potential. The product is currently being developed for the web platform and will eventually move to mobile. TagABuddy is in its final stages of completion and is expected to go into beta testing very soon. We won’t give away much at this stage, but are confident in telling you that fun is just around the corner!

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