Money? Matters!

Well, Chelsea does it again! While, it was expected by most of the football world, the sacking of Andre Villas Boas is another step towards complete liquidation of the club’s integrity. ‘…our only option was to make a change at this time.‘ was a part of the official statement released by Chelsea this weekend, perhaps a cliched statement for the club who have sacked 8 managers in 8 seasons so far. A whooping amount of 65 million quid was spent in this process and as a consequence of which it is now evident that the clubs’ prestige and image is at stake. Chelsea clearly has a problem going on and it seems clear that the problem comes right from the top. Roman Abramovich, while an enigma to a few, is an impatient man, he wants results and he wants them quick. While the fans are left frustrated by his decisions from time-to-time they are ever so greatly indebted to him as Chelsea saw a never-seen before success and growth under the Russian-ownership. 3 Premier League titles, 3 FA cups and 2 League Cups is a great chapter of success for Chelsea and serves a great testimony to the money and effort Roman Abramovich has put into the club. Chelsea during this period have bought a lot of great player including the likes of Ballack, Crespo and Drogba and put Chelsea, a former third division club with no big history right up there with the giants such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool as well as making them a regular champions league participant. A club that is still awaiting its first European title has gone through many unnecessary, regrettable transitions in the past; Avram Grant, Ray Wilkins, Carlos Ancelotti have all been shown the door by the Russian over the years, but the biggest regrets of all should be Jose Mourinho, a man whose success every present-generation manager wishes to reach. A man whose brilliance is admired by his worshipers and envied by rivals.

English football has sold its soul to sugar-daddies all over the world, owners from foreign lands have invested big-time in English clubs and have raised the amount of money that is splashed around new-stadiums, star players and global marketing. Chelsea’s situation is a manifestation of everything that is wrong with the premier league. A league where money has now become a big source and parameter of domination for top-flight clubs, clubs have started exercising a power over smaller clubs which is immoral and cold. Clubs like Manchester City, for instance, are placed in very good hands. Capable of landing a whole bus of star players every season, clubs like City are certain of good success for a long time. Success off money will eventually eliminate all healthy competition and will lead to a bigger difference between the big and small clubs. The impact of excessive money in football also has the danger of widening the gap further between the fans and the club as the club will now exercise its own opinions which will solely be based on the owners’ will. Something, Chelsea fans have had a problem with all this while! Fans are now being forced into pubs as the stadium-ticket prices have gone up and are not affordable on daily-basis.

Globalism of English football has resulted in most of this mess, while it did bring the beautiful games to our TV sets, we (as foreign audience) are excellent growth catalysts of the club’s finances and prospects. For business men and investors this was an opportunity too good to resist. And thus came the heavy flow of money into what was a pure English working-class authentic game.

Money as a dictator is not an exclusive English theme, however. In Spain, it’s Barcelona and Real Madrid who dominate the landscape and in Italy, there was a time when clubs could practically but the league through bribing referees. Also, over the English Channel and in France, PSG are now making big noises about domestic challenges because of their proprietors from 2018 World Cup hosts Qatar..

Unfortunately, but deservedly, football is a game that has become known to be polluted with an excess of monetary currency, and current affairs support that opinion. With Manchester City presently leading the premiership, there is evidence enough that having a large or extraordinarily huge budget can propel a team towards success.

– Aditya B. 

Sadhana Chaturvedula

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