The puzzle of Life

Silence. Everywhere. I just walked around, clearly not knowing what I would do when suddenly I saw a large wooden table. Oak-brown, the table was bigger than anything I had ever seen. I walked over to it and to my surprise, there was pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Now, this wasn’t your regular Jigsaw puzzle piece. Each had it’s own weight; each had it’s own pressure. I decided I would make it complete, no matter what it took. Determined, arrogant that I was, I lifted each piece with all it’s weight on my shoulder. Sometimes I laughed; sometimes I cried; Sometimes I was angry; Sometimes I stood plain confused while sometimes I jumped with joy. I didn’t really understand why all this was happening or why all these came out of me but it was like some force inside pushed all this outside. My strongest instincts betrayed me as I laughed or cried for no reason. But there was no giving up. No failure. Sweat dripping, bones aching, I still picked up every piece with even the last ounce of strength left inside me. I put it together and whenever I felt it was wrong, whenever I missed, I removed and fixed it. Finally, after what seemed like a long long time, I completed it. I looked down to admire what was the result of my hard toil and labour. I was shocked. To my very soul.
It was a picture of me standing happily looking down at the puzzle I had just completed. I was smiling in the picture. Every detail had been brought in with perfection. As I looked the picture, I couldn’t help but wonder why this had presented itself. Now, of all the other moments in my life. And suddenly I realised. The piece was a part of my life; each brought out what I had gone through in life, the laughs, the cries, the elations, the depressions. This was meant to be. This puzzle had bought about a wake-up call.
Just like I had created the fate of the Puzzle by putting it together, it was time to do the same to my life. It was time to put my life together. Still arrogant, still determined, I smiled and walked Away.


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