More to TV show than what you just see, HOUSE M.D.

We live in a generation where we fantasize fictitious characters and crave to follow in their footsteps. It is such an excitement to replicate our favorite characters in real. One of the most outreached methods of portrayal of fictitious lives are TV shows. Some maybe emotional, some a role model and some, the dream life partner for the viewers. One such underrated character is Dr. Gregory House. We all live our lives in a restricted way. A person works or studies just for the sake of it. He or she does not take the risk of pursuing his/her dreams and even if one does follow the dreams in a particular field, the depth of exploration is restricted by rules and regulations.

Gregory (Greg) House is a doctor who specializes in diagnostic medical practice. But he is not the normal doctor one meets at a hospital. He teaches us that there is more in being a doctor than just biology or medicine. His unofficial motto goes as ‘The case remains unsolved if the doctor gives up’. Arrogant, misanthropic, cynic, narcissist are the adjectives people usually tag him with. Of course he does come with attitude problems. One other shocking habit of his is that he is addicted to a particular pain killer called Vicodin. Truthfully, he is a person who studies how humans function. There cannot be a better mind which understands human evolution than Dr. House. He usually goes on breaking a dozen rules for each patient he gets, to cure him/her. But if you look closely, you will understand that it is only due to his own obsession and curiosity that he saves lives and not for the welfare of people. From an outer perspective it would seem like he almost killed a patient. But according to him “You cannot understand a problem unless it is big enough to kill you”

He is driven by his mad mind and crazy attitude. House is a mixture of an opportunist and an optimist who is constantly slowed down by his only friend who is a realist like any of us. Greg’s character was inspired by Sir Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in the medical field.

There is an inner meaning to this TV show. It is not worth to a live the pre scheduled robotic life with no risks or adventures in what we do. Each one of us can be a Sherlock in what we do irrespective of the fields and situations. It all depends upon the path we choose. We may be bound by rules and regulations, but that does not mean we have to follow them. It doesn’t matter as long as we follow our own principles in such a way that they are set in a righteous manner. After all, obsession is the factor that drives us throughout our life. It is time we came out of that restricted space and explore the world. And it is time people do watch House M.D.

“Everybody Lies” –Gregory House



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