Debunking 5 myths about English Honors

English honors is one course which has managed to sustain an envious position when it comes to being subjected to questions, doubts , assumptions and preconceived notion. Widely regarding as a top notch sophisticated course which empowers one’s English and the choice of bibliophiles , the course has many myths about it which as  a responsible English honors’ student I would like to clear.

Omniscient in grammar- It is considered the moral responsibility and innate talent of every English honors  student to know the meaning and pronunciation of every word that exists in dictionary , get their prepositions right ( which is a herculean task) and in a nutshell to be grammatically correct. Firstly , we are not given tutorials in English language but in ”literature”, Wren and Martin is not our favorite book we do not cram it so stop cultivating these high inhumane expectations from English Honors students. The purpose and the goal of our course is to help a student read a book with different perspectives and to be able to draw interpretations from it. So folks, be careful!

”You just have to read novels” – It is one sentence that we have to get accustomed to hearing and i am sure each one of us has certainly come across. Reading is too casual a word for all the sweat and toil we put in. We do not just peruse books and jump in the exam hall. We read prose poetry and classics. I am not comfortable with the word novel being used for our books as all the non English honors students are thinking of when they say ”Novels ” is , Two states , Shiva trilogy , Harry Potter or Twilight Saga. I would like to kindly inform all the people reading this article that if we would have just ”read” novel there are 70% chances to flunk the exam. Yes getting good marks is not an easy nut to crack we read critical essays, background topics and learn quotes. So probably we need to visit library or use e -resources more than the science stream

We have to put a unparallel amount of hard work to make our way into 70’s. Respect us!

No scope-False.!! All those who are updated with the latest trends of digital marketing know there are a plethora of opportunities for candidates who have done their majors in English. Plus there are many newspapers, magazines and publishing houses which need students who have done their majors in English. Moreover the course prepares a student for hard work and opens their mind so they are flexible enough by the end of course to take up any career. So do not undermine us.

Subjectivity is not our weakness-Art entails expression and we master this art. Why is this subjectivity considered as a disability which will stop us from being factual, correct and useful? We are good in breaking down everything to simplistic philosophical conclusions but not unnecessarily. There are many writers and students who present reality and facts in most engaging manner hence it is not our weakness.

We are not crazy, cranky and Loners-No loner is not the word for us if there has to be a word it should be, particular. ‘Neither having only 20 and more friends doesnot qualify a person for bein social nor does sticking to a chosen few makes one recluse.  Books withdraw a person from the hustle of busy world but they do not make one crazy or cranky in fact we are the most accepting kind open to all kinds of perceptions.

Anubha Gautam

Student of English honors in Delhi University.I love to write , dance and acquaint myself with new trends.

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