Music all around!

When words become incapable of expression, a song does it for you. Music has always been intrinsically interwoven into our lives and that, a birthday without the birthday song or a break-up without “kolaveri di is rendered incomplete.

From being born till our last breath music is what holds our hand. A baby cannot go to sleep without the honey-dripped lullaby from his mother. We all cherish those memories when the words “chanda hai tu, mere suraj hai tu” put us to sleep and I still enjoy listening to it. The next stage, kindergarten… here the rhymes became the most sophisticated work of art we ever came across. And to recite one made us feel invincible. It is these rhymes which make the rain to go away and the little stars to twinkle and Johnny a naughty boy.

Next the school life, an age of homework, teachers, exams, friends, best friends, crushes, love and what not, this is when music grew, it was everywhere; from movies to the desk bands in the classrooms. Music was used to express every situation and every scenario, for instance the moment of ultimate happiness, the unexpected holiday was celebrated with the holiday anthem; “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday, What a world of fun for everyone; it’s A Holi-Holiday!” (Thanks to the great Boney M). Soon started the idolization phase, here A R Rahman or Micheal Jackson ceased to be humans and became Gods or Kings more powerful than Zeus or Caesar capable of anything and their work at the tip of our tongue. And before our generation could step into adulthood the technological advancements in electronics or in services such as the internet changed the nature of music as we know it.

The technological revolution brought the ipods, mobile phones and ear-phones, head-phones and other devices to store as well as listen to music. Thus we have a thousand songs stored in our pockets with the provision of listening to it anywhere and any-time be it  on the road, in the metro, train, bus and even the shower, and here I am listening to and writing about music. The social networking sites too plays a role in sharing and promoting new talent, a song or a video made in one part of the world simply goes viral becoming world famous; the Gangnam style by PSY or the Waka Waka by Shakira made the whole world dance and not to forget the innumerable reality shows which gave us new idols (Arijit Singh, Shreya Goshal, Naresh Iyer to name a few). These advancements has also broadened the base available, we no longer listen to just Bollywood or Hollywood songs but to folk and classical music from diverse regions. And the best part is that many now tries to infuse different styles of music together to form truly magical pieces. The Sufi-Gospel project by Sonam Kalra, The Dewarists, and Coke Studio are examples of such an effort.

In adulthood too, when people are burdened with responsibilities music is what they turn to for comfort. For instance the lines, “when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad!” gives a soothing feeling and relief by reminding us of our good memories and favourite things. Thus in this journey that life is, music isn’t a passing phase but is the sun….it will always come tomorrow!

Gowri S

I am an absent minded girl who lives in my own alternate world which in Earth always lands me inside the wrong metros!!

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