Fathers- Our truest source of inspiration

“Someone so huge , Someone so big

Who never complaints,and never does dig

Though he never speaks much,

Yet his love never rusts.

Someone who holds those fingers too small

And lifts them up so I can walk after crawl

I start to walk, I start to run

But there he stands,his responsibility never shuns.”

So, as it’s said,‘ Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad’.

A recent Youtube video that I saw, proved the same thing about how big can a father’s heart be. The video was of an IAS topper,who gave all his credits of being successful to his father. More than what he achieved,his real honour was in being the son of the”boundless man”.

The man, being a farmer, sold all his land in order to make his son study,and there came a stage, when his son didn’t clear the exam on the very first time, yet he never discouraged him.T he man was even ready to sell his “kidney” for his son’s future.

When you have such a powerful source of motivation on your back, even God dare not stop from succeeding.

You see, the “power”, the “magic”, itself comes when that strong belief comes, and especially from one’s own father.

Another story,which I read in “You can Win” by Shiv Khera explained this very thing.

It was about a young boy who came regularly for soccer practice but never made it to the starting team. While he practiced, his father sat on the far end of field & waited for him. Matches began & the boy didn’t show up for four days, the quarters and semi-finals. He came directly for finals & pleaded the coach to let him play. The coach couldn’t as he had better players, but seeing the way the boy was crying, he did let him play. He warned him that the reputation of school is at stake.

What happened ahead was miraculous. The boy turned out to be “star of game”.

The coach wondered, how he could have been so wrong and further inquired how he played so well. The boy answered that his father was watching him all the time. The coach turned around and looked at the place where the boy’s father used to sit. But on his surprise,there was no one there.

On reply the boy told him “Coach, there is something I never told you. My father was blind. Just four days ago,he died. Today is the first day, he is watching me from above”.

This shows us how amazing it is to be a father. Sometimes, we don’t notice, we don’t bother or we don’t care about the little things or the big things they do for us.

That is the “heavenly love” no one else can provide you with.

In few words, I would sum it up~

“I some day want to make you this proud

That everything in me seems so loud

I know that day you ll consider me the best

Until then, I must not rest.”

Rupali Narula

Rupali Narula , currently pursuing Btech Civil from Punjabi University,Patiala.I have a different interest in reading and writing..i have good comm skills and also doing ba english honors ,correspondence. and started to learn french.i write poems n a

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