What do you say when a product appears on the market scene and disappears all of a sudden?

 It’s a fad right?

So then what do u call a store which appears in your locality with the bare requirements of a shop and then suddenly disappears after the complete closeout sale that is termed as a teardown

Don’t try guessing as it won’t work.

As such kind of stores are known as a POP UP Store/POP UP Shop.

And these type of stores are not created just by small organizations but have been used successively by big firms such as Ebay, Samsung, Reebok, Prada, Renault, Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so on around the world.

 The most surprising fact is that companies specially hire interior decorators and designers just for these shops to attract the bystanders to enter these shops

Now there are various reasons for these type of shops

1. Low-risk way to try out a physical store presence

2. Give customers a chance to touch and see your products

3. Promote your brand and oddly

4. Even clear out old stock


Now if you check the concept behind these stores, you find that these attract your potential customers and influence your consumers to buy more.

And it fits exactly in the economy of everything as in entertainment economy, surprise economy, experience economy and once when the sales are done, the company finds it economical to roll up and leave without a whimper but it doesn’t look so boring after all because it generates customer experience, and allows a company to engage its customers by creating an unique environment and invokes a feeling of interactivity.

They say “Necessity is The Mother of all Inventions” and necessity is what forced Vacant (USA) to think up ways to get closer to its consumers when they noticed that their products would be sold within a few hours and then the store would be forced to close till the owner received more products and would then reopen the store for the sale and the cycle continued! But instead of the customers travelling long distances for their products, the company started this retailing concept and does this even to this day along with its sponsors.

With availability of limited quantities and store locations of the new Pop up Store are announced by email to its member’s only moments before opening!!

What started as a retailing concept known as a Flash Retailing Concept in the United States caught so many eyeballs around the world that now even individuals (entrepreneurs) are catching on this concept to sell their concepts and their products globally be it New York ,London, Shanghai ,Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and in Brazil and the author opines that this concept of marketing is here to stay  to ensure cost cutting for big enterprises and also help new companies to market themselves connecting with new customers and create a brand image, and also hopes that the rage of Pop up Shops catches on in India!

So Long as The Customer is called the King!

Melvin DCruz

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