Ready, Steady, Start-up!

Startups in the Indian scene probably conjure up the logos of the ever popular Flipkart, Zomato or Redbus in your minds. Let’s take a look at another such promising startup, Lema Labs.

Having been started in 2010 by a group of IIT students and supported by their faculty, Lema Labs, situated at the IIT Madras Research Park has seen a palpable rise in its development. Carried on by several ambitious youngsters, this start-up has established its stand by conducting excellent robotics classes for students in various engineering colleges in Chennai. Their paramount objectives are purely based on educating the students and not training them (The mug up style!). They believe in fun and flexible learning and also guarantee talented, professional and organised mentors. Presently, Lema Labs is working for an easier way of tutoring online and spreading the knowledge in just one click.

Talking to Nivas Ravichandran, Business Development Executive of Lema Labs, a B.E graduate of the year 2013, I perceived the fact that “your destiny is in your hands”. He holds responsibilities like Electronics Coordination Committee Member for IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Region 10 and the SB Networking Secretary for R10 SAC India Team. Not to mention that he held around 7 to 8 posts in IEEE.’They are not just random ideas but an initiative to offer solutions to problems that are prominent’, is his definition of a start-up. This resourceful engineer has been one of the pillars that carry the flag of Lema Labs high. He emphasised on “Quality Service” than the cheaper one, quoting “Apple” as an example. (Lema labs put in a lot of effort to make sure every single module to the content delivered to be of high quality.) He is working towards enhancement of quality of education among engineering students in India. Despite having very high scores in the GRE and TOEFL, he chose to serve India, dropping the idea of pursuing his higher studies abroad. He maintains a strong social network, enabling an even more stronger relationship between with the consumers. He also stressed on not being bossy and boasting one’s post that he holds.

 His tips for initiating a start-up:

  1. Have a clear idea on what you want to do.
  2. Start from scratch and gradually develop.
  3. Importantly, have a perfect insight of the trend of start-ups.
  4. Never flaunt your achievements.
  5. Failures are stepping stones for success.
  6. Make no false promises. Maintain integrity.

Along with his team, Nivas has been working hard to bring Lema Labs to a higher level. Hard work and perseverance of so many people, put in together has brought it to the position it holds currently. To the entire team of Lema labs- Hats off! A start-up that has to be appreciated, indeed!



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