The Sandelightwich!

19 years, 19 years I have lived and I did not really think anything could surprise my taste buds, tingle back sensation in them. Basically, every item I ordered from the menu was a cliché. Every restaurant, indigenous or exotic seemed so stereotypic. By now I had experimented with all sorts of greens – the leafy ones, the ones underground and even those beneath the sea. But sigh.

My experiments with non-veg too, seemed futile. I had left no stone unturned. Either my tongue had grown grey or food was just meant to be eaten to survive. Since I live in a hostel, finding good food becomes a quest. I was a regular face at all the places claiming to serve good food but eventually the taste buds grew numb to all.

But not all was over. Never did I think in my wildest dreams that I would stumble upon “the lost good food” in this way. Here is how the story unfolds –

It was during last summer when I was home for vacations. One dull morning, I was served sandwiches by my mother for breakfast. Least interested by the name itself “sandwiches” I pushed them away. But when hunger took its toll, well I had no choice but to eat for the sake of eating. I took a chunk and the warmth of the sandwich, the cheese melting in my mouth and “Eureka”. The quest was over. Good Heavens, in an instant my eyes lit up, my world all brightly colored, my taste buds sprang back to life, I did a space-time hyper-jump to a dimension of euphoria and for I all know I had finally met the love of my life – yeah, the hot sandwiches…sigh.

My tongue rolled around, checked and authenticated the ingredients and here is what the recipe was found to be:

       A loaf of brown bread (strictly brown bread)

       A slice of fresh cheese

       Two round slices of both cucumber and tomato

       A pinch of salt

       A pinch of chilly-powder

       A spread of butter upon either of bread slices

       A secret ingredient

What? A secret ingredient? Now where to find this secret ingredient? Well this is the most important part. Without the secret ingredient it is just an ordinary sandwich. I have tried it but never did it taste the same. The secret ingredient my friends is “A mother’s touch”. Yes the love and affection makes all the difference. Oh and forget not to heat it on a pan for say about 2 minutes. And ever since then I have never worn out of them.

So if you ever feel food has lost its charm, let’s just eat to live. Well then my friends it’s time to get yourself “The Sandelightwich!”

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