Seeing Red, Out of Blue

Colours, have often been used as a medium of expression. And, with the decades, we have found the reasons as well. We have learnt in our eleventh grade about how they have preferential treatment for their wavelength, and have learnt the distribution of light into seven Newton’s colours. And yeah, those colours you chose in your Valentines’ week. We, for a very long time have known the wrath and joy of colours, still being oblivious to the meaning we inadvertently decipher. These colours have long held specific meanings to brands, attracting customers, infant choices and such. But, what is the most amazing part is its psychological implant.

What do those colours mean?

1. Red

This colour has the most vivid significance ever known to the mankind. Yeah, I am talking of the extremely opposite sense of slaughter, of love, of lust and of danger, of excitement, of harm. Basically, it is a colour of passion, a colour of extremes, swinging either way.

2. Yellow

Whatever you might have thought about this one, it definitely relates to rawness. It relates to the raw emotions, uncalculated and not manipulated.  It depicts jealousy, and happiness. It also shows a sense of competence, with oneself, with other, with accomplishment.

3. Green

Now you know that one by heart, don’t you? ‘Green with envy’, the story says. Yeah, that is a colour of depicting what you can’t reach but wish to have. It is also a colour of prosperity, most likely, to have arisen from the value of agriculture worldwide.

4. Blue

Is the colour of your resume, black and blue? Or is the company profile blue’fied’ to a whole new level. Yeah, blue is the code for professionalism, quality and competence. And yeah, they also send across a message of endlessness, of either being cold or warm depending upon their level of refelction.

5. Violet

It gives you a sense of authority, and definitely of sophistication. You see all those models parading down in purple, it is because it shows off as chic yet as classic. You know, something you can be confident in, still have a flirtatious look around.

6. Black

This one, is one of my two favourite colours. And the reason, definitely is, the braod range of emotions it can portray. Plunge it with a contrast, and it makes thinks look expensive, and with a neutral shade, they are more of grief dipped, a halo, a blurred outline, and you have fear. It has one of the most versatile uses and implications, just by mixing it with various colours, having so many tunes to itself.

7. White

Now how does that colour make you feel? Does it make you feel pure or innocent, like in the West? Or does it pull you into a mourning, like those in the Eastern countires. The prospect of colour is heavily influenced by the culture, yet, the one though in common, is the sincerity, this colour radiates of itself.

Now that the introduction is done, make sure to include the right colour in your Crush’s Birthday card or your Best Friend’s birthday party. Might just set the mood for it.

Mimansa Jaiswal

I am an engineering student, unintentionally in love with books, writing and sketching. I am an avid coder, philosopher and counsellor for people and all my friends.

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