The Blue French Horn

You did the legendary high five and then you let the tears flow. You would have definitely copied once or twice, the Leg….Wait for it dary. And you would have been astounded by the fact, that Barney, could get more girls in a single night, than you would get in your life. You had your dose of slap bets, and then drunken nights. And oh, how badly you wanted to get hold of that beautiful masterpiece, “The Playbook”. And yes, whether you are a girl, or a guy, you would definitely adhere to the “Bro Code”, wouldn’t you?

The final season of How I met you mother, was all woven around the weekend where Robin and Barney get married. This is here, where Ted meets the mother, named Tracy. A story of guts, to go up and talk while on a railway station, is what Ted claims changed his life. About how, he learnt about love and how they were there for each other in “sickness and health”.

Now, everybody deserves an opinion, about how the finale should have ended. But for me, it couldn’t have been more perfect. It showed the intimacy and the nourishment of first love. Of how, we could love someone else, still harbor feelings for the person we had first set eyes upon. Of how, there isn’t a perfect ending or a happily ever after in reality. Would I want to change the finale even a tad bit? Yes. I would definitely have liked to see why Barney and Robin couldn’t hold on to their marriage, about how their contempt about relationships wasn’t completely overridden. But what struck out the most, was the moment, when his children, proudly say, that the story, more about being with the mother, is about the love he seeks from Robin, the one he had buried deep within, due to wrong timing, circumstances and well, the plot in itself. Throughout the season, there were subtle hints, the walk to the beach on the morning of marriage, the way Ted shrugs out of the possibility of seeing her after marriage, about how he accepts the hurt he would feel and tries to weasel out of it. And when you see him outside Robin’s house, with a blue French horn, well you couldn’t help your heart leap a mile, skip a beat. Finally, he finds a beginning, again.

Yes, the series wasn’t as legendary as the “FRIENDS”, but it came up to the mark. It had its lows, but it strewed them out with its amazing screenplay and blending. What may come as a surprise to the avid followers of Hindi TV shows, is how a series not having more than 208 episodes, half a hour each, can grip over a billion audience over the world.

There is an underlying message, of faith, of patience, of courage. What you deserve, what is meant to happen, it would come around. You would have to chase it, would have to give it a chance, but you wouldn’t need to give up. For, even if it seems that it is over, there are coincidences, there are possible universal signs, you would get what your heart truly yearns for.

And as Barney says, “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.”

Adieu, an amazing series, a well spun tale.

Mimansa Jaiswal

I am an engineering student, unintentionally in love with books, writing and sketching. I am an avid coder, philosopher and counsellor for people and all my friends.

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