spinning a yarn was never so beautiful!


They say the heat does funny things to your brain, and it truly does, I agree. The day was uncharacteristically hot, and the sultriness of anticipation lay thick in the air. It was the last exam I was writing and I couldn’t help but let my thoughts fly. Sitting near the window did little help to my concentration, and then as fate would allow it, I was indeed gifted with an object of curiosity, a spider that fell on my table. It was curious little thing indeed, tiny and silvery, struggling to find the freedom that it lost moments ago. It was not in an intention to be cruel that provoked me to provide the spider with the boundaries of my bangle, but an intention to satisfy the inquisitiveness that rose out of boredom. For an hour that I observed it, I learnt more than I could possibly comprehend. It moved constantly clashing against the bangle walls as often as it could, but never tiring. This led me to religiously compare it to our own species, which having been built larger, with a greater store of energy and the undistinguished sixth sense, do not show the same skills.  As a known fact, we would have stopped trying at least for a moment, and paused to rest. As we all know the spider teaches us the lesson of never giving up, it truly does not sink in or submerge into our fine being unless we witness it in a sudden manner that throws you off guard and makes you understand the intricacies of nature and creation. For all that my eyes could perceive, the spider was hanging in the middle of the thickness that the boundary would allow. For the obvious lack of wings, the only conclusion I could jump to was that it had begun to weave its magic. The occasional protrusion of the hind side of its small body did give rise to more questions that truly weren’t answered till I felt the presence of a very clever spider web. It is important to note that I mention the presence of a web but not a visual input of the same. This could be due to the fact that the spider’s size could not possibly give rise to visible threads. But experimenting the removal of the same with the nib of my pen (again, not as an act of cruelty, but curiosity disguised in the form of learning, perhaps?!) confirmed my assumptions. I couldn’t then help but imagine what the spider would have thought at that moment. On realizing that it cannot escape the material boundaries, its next instinct was to spin a web. Survival tactics. It is not as though I discovered this act of survival, but having witnessed it in slow motion, in complete clarity; I could not help but be immensely fascinated at the musings of a creature so so small! And looking at it move on from each phase of danger to an act of survival did gush up my hormones. It taught me not only not to give up, which is a universal lesson that we have been advised to learn from the spider, but it simply taught me to appreciate life. Life is a gift and its purpose is and can never be established with complete confidence. Watching an insect struggle for freedom, when it doesn’t even comprehend the idea of freedom inspired me to appreciate the essence of life on this planet. I may have been in a rose garden all along but may have never smelt the roses, but sitting in the dingy classroom, sweating profoundly, and in deep one-sided conversation with a possibly frightening insect, I sure learnt how to. Thank you, eight legged creature, you taught me how to use both of mine!



Shravanti Krishna S

I am the sort of a person who thinks too much about everything and that reflects on the way I write. You may not hear my voice a lot, but believe me, I'm thinking all of it!

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