The Blue Goddess

a rusty evening it was
with ash-pits of marijuana silhouetting my soul.
‘winter’, reflected The Mind.
the season of the lifeless, cold, desolateness and void.

i was standing in the cross roads of my fate
when neon lights and heart thumping music dragged me to the drab reality. 
it was a vision or a picture, i don’t remember much.
but there was a masked man and a black-ash colored man, dancing on the street.

people giggled and stark neon overlapped the flashes of petty cell phones.
children rolled their eyes and old men threw the ignorant rings of the smoke.
and I, I just stood, imbibing the sheer brilliance of the engulfing loneliness in the very deep of my anatomy
amid’st the bright blue neon, strange attired strangers and noises where you cannot hear your breath.

i balanced myself with pithy steps, i knew i might just stand their till Time ends.
looking forward, towards the nothingness, i lighted a facade in between my fingers, but people call it a cigarette.
orthodox stares shouting “whores” is a common platter for me, but something made the Time stop.
it was a Blue Goddess, enormous and momentous.

hands of conviction raised with belief,
half turning back i had a profile of Her.
the tip of my index sensed the fire and the facade was on the ground.
Time has stopped. and the I too. brief motions and fading sound, i have created a void for me, a nowhere to run.

i turned back, picked up the dusted charade and ran towards Home.
i knew, the romanticism that has been webbed, i will long it till Eternity, the oracles whispered, it was brief and not to be wasted.
the sound faded, the neon too and I, the oblivious I found itself amid’st the darkened silence of a smooth street.

paradoxical profundity, was it?
may be it was. it actually didn’t make me a good human being.
i still fantasize about a stranger in the bus,
i gorge on food,
echoes ego,
condemns the notions 
and break rules.

but i know
it was Romance, one of a kind
a Romance to be etched on/in the Soul
not on books, stupid love letters or rings.

it was Romance, one of kind
of unearthly beats
colored and masked strangers
blue neon lights
the Blue Goddess.

*a human being, successful or loser, honest or dishonest, homosexual or heterosexual..a human being is all about stories.
this one, is Mine*

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