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Well never heard of me right. Don’t know where I live, what I do etcetera. So I must introduce myself by humbly stating that I am not your average Indian kid coming out of the Engineering factory with an IT offer in hand or the dream to be in government job to say the least.

Actually I am an Idealist who day dreams not due to any medical reasons but because of the ideas that keeps me awake. Risk is my driving force and luckily for my family that I have nothing to lose. Family ties are important for me but I don’t feel much burdened by it as far as my career is concerned and to disappoint you all, my father thinks the same way. Standing on the edge of my comfort zone gives me the adrenaline pump I crave. Just to end with one last metaphor that describes me best, ‘To jump off the cliff & having to build my own parachute’.

Enough with the third person, all this metaphorical blabber was my childish attempt to share with you the story of an average Startup billionaire there is in America. It’s nothing to do genes actually but with the way in which our creative expression as a society has died out. When an American entrepreneur sees a problem, he firmly believes that he can solve it (that too differently). While here in India, the family traditions, father’s bank balance, comfort etc. have killed the entrepreneur in us all. We all had the dreams when we were young but the society has molded our thoughts into something rigid and predictable. All this pointing out will go to waste until I back it up with a plan to follow. So here it is:

Be the kid you are.

Instead of corrupting your thought about do’s and don’ts of the industry, be the idealist in playing your part.

Get out of your comfort zone.

It’s time you move out of your family home and shift to a rented apartment with your best buddies because that is the place where you will get to take the decisions. Do things you wanted to do yesterday but talked yourself out instead.

Creative is the new Kool.

Follow everything you like with a little bit of creative look to things. By this I am referring to free mind approach to mold things, twisting the facts and enjoying every bit of it. As I tried with my ‘K’.

Find a USP

Before you get yourself out there and flaunt your skills, first and foremost it’s important that you understand exactly what you have tooffer. Finding a trait thatdiffers you from others in the industry can helpmake you stand out in what is often a very saturated market.

Be a big fish in a small pond

Many of the startup stories that I know starts with the company working in bounded field of expertise with utmost efficiency and innovation. This focusing make the bigger competitors irrelevant,

Network Online

Search for open platforms like facebook and engage in conversation with the wider startup world and build relationship with your peers and potential clients.

Use online marketing tools

There are so many free marketing tools out there, ready and waiting for you to take advantage of. As well as social networks and blogging, there’salso a huge opportunity to grab some attention with the use of a good email marketing strategy.

Network Offline

Offline networking at industry events, conferences or even social hangouts with other entrepreneurs or startups can also help get your name outthere and provide opportunities to put your business card in the handsof potential clients. Make sure you connect with your new contactsonline afterwards so that you can continue the conversation.

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Divya Kulshreshtha

Started freelancing as a way of expressing my love for football. Had come a long way since then and have developed a natural flair for stand out ideas in fields ranging from sports to social awareness. Conceptual thinker and a strong idea generator.

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