Success and Ambition go hand in hand

Ambition is the basic step on the ladder to success. If one wants to have a rendezvous with success, it is ambition that can help us get closer to our motive. People often say that man has to toil hard and shred his sweat in order to please success and persuade it to come at one’s footstep. However, apart from hard work rather much important than it, I truly believe that it is the will and determination to possess a dream and then working towards achieving it. Cravings exist among all humans. It is one of the most essential attributes that tests your existence as a pure soul. That’s why great saints who achieved nirvana are believed to have entered in the world of peace and enlightenment far away from the earthly world where disputes occur because of desire and CRAVING. Thus, blindly marching towards a day you will be monetarily content is defying the basis of success. Since success is not for contentment but for experiencing the reward of your work and taking pride in doing so.

                 The day you were born, your destiny was engraved on the doors of heaven. However much you try to change it all paths lead to the same destination. Thus luck also plays a crucial role. Most of the times it is luck that should favor your efforts to reap success. That’s why success just comes to people sometimes. However we should remember that in the guise of success we might end up losing ourselves in the bargain. It is crucial to be down to earth and not be intimidated by success. The day we let it over power us, it will be difficult to regain our true stature. We need to carve our own character sketch since it is us who can create as well as mar our own survival instincts. To achieve success we need to be a funambulist (a rope walker). We should be well aware of how to strike a balance between work and destiny. If we superstitiously march towards what we are destined to de we won’t be living life. However if we toil to achieve our goal with grit and determination, we will reap the fruits of our labor.

         We will come across failure- but it is necessary to consider it as a stepping stone to success. We should consider it as our fiendish friend as every time it teaches us a lesson and making use of it will bring to us success as a vicissitude. Similarly we will also encounter hurdles when people around us will plan an ambush against us in the agony of envy. The only way to get past this is to believe in our conscience and gut intuition since having a will, will take us a step closer to our ambition. Thus, it is always said that people who were there with us at the times of despair and solitaire should always be kept close and never be forgotten, for these are the people who will stand by us through thick and thin.

          Many a times success takes over our heart and we let the emotion of friendship and love for our family go down the drain. Once it begins to dominate, we become heartless statuesque individuals void of sensitivity. Success comes through achievement but it is a great achievement in itself. We should create an embodiment of creativity, expertise and hard work and the sight of the future we can imagine for ourselves will be nothing but extraordinarily overwhelming. The day we look at the mirror and are able to see past the reflection of the vessel our soul is entrapped in and begin to smile because of contentment of our character sketch will be the realization of true success.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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