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Interview with Gautam Basik

Gautam, how did your passion for photography start? I have a passion for traveling and I needed money for that. Anthropology, Geology, photography and filmmaking are the possible professions which gives me scope to travel. Of these I chose photography to pursue my passion to travel as it is the …

Art Beat

Click, Works!!

How many times does it happen that you come across a marvelous picture and go “Wow!”? Some of us laud it and walk past while there is the other kind who pick up the camera and try to emulate the same. But before starting off, let us make one thing …

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The World on a Tripod

From the blues and the hues to the browns and the tans, the color themes of my photos glide in sprays of spontaneous oscillations each time I venture out. On one day, they are softly brushed in bronze dust and on another they are dyed in a ruby red. But …