The World on a Tripod

From the blues and the hues to the browns and the tans, the color themes of my photos glide in sprays of spontaneous oscillations each time I venture out. On one day, they are softly brushed in bronze dust and on another they are dyed in a ruby red. But everyday they are just as elite.

For me, the old and the vintage settings come more picturesque than the posh and luxurious. Broken doors, abandoned mansions, old tires or tainted locks, are all the charms and gems for my lens. With each passing day, as the color on the spring cerulean Bluets drapes along the lips of the bloom, my thrill and passion for photography intensifies.

A different angle is another whole new subject. Each color, fresh or tinted, has its own romance to sell.  And the best part if that the first look is all mine as the true story changes from eye to eye. Every shade, gradient, tone and tenor highlights the smallest accentuation of the object or scene and shadows the monochromes.

Photographers bask in the relishes of burgundy sunsets, crisp cherries in the orchard, emerald sea waters, dappled fancy costumes, glittery masks, golden feathers, color-splashed fruit baskets, plush wine-dipped roses, silver stars, and sun-dried carnivals.

But it’s not just the bright and the beautiful that develop to become the high-resolution gallery-worthy images. The antique and the sepia are as, if not more, charismatic. Old postcards, gray textures, French cafes of the renaissance backdrop, stone bridges, Ford Model Ts, museum corridors, solitary cottages with a gritty chimneys, classical arts are all as breathtaking because only a true photographer knows that black &white are the real colors.

As our knees fold more and we bend to take pictures up and down and through and around, even the dust and the rust on the corroded monkey bars seem to model for us. And each time the shutter clicks and our thumb pushes down to see the unedited, attempted capture, a glowing sense of pride tinges on our face.

Life in the highest megapixels auto focuses for us each time we blink our eyes open, and that is the best time to hold it in our memory card before the season changes and so does the scene.

Jasleen Kaur

Besides the two words of my name, the other two words that define me are writing and photography. I adore them both! For everything else, all it takes is one conversation. Take the tour! :)

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