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They all have it. They all flaunt it. ┬áBe it David Beckham (32 yes that many tattoos) or Rihanna (19) or our very own Akshay Kumar with Aarav (his son’s name) tattooed on his back. The world of celebs and their tattoos scream out loud and clear that tattoos are a must have fashion accessory. One of the loudest forms of self expression, they bring with themselves a sense of individuality, but then there is a catch….

Tattooing involves insertion of ink into layers of skin. It is indelible in its nature and while getting a tattoo is painful, removal involves a lot more of pain and expense. So those that wish to flaunt one, you have to bear its consequences for a long, long time. It becomes a part of you, a tattoo. If it is a mistake well it is going to remain right there and remind you of itself every day. It is like those mistakes in life which you make but which cannot be changed. This fashion accessory cannot be dropped at the drop of a hat.

Though popularized in our modern world by celebs and rockstars,if one tries to trace the origin of the art of tattooing it goes back in time right up to 12000 BC(yes ! I know not expected).Tattoos have served different purposes across different cultures. In some they represented religious sentiments, while in some they were used to mark the members of a tribe. Then later it used to be sailors and people from the circus who flaunted tattoos .With time they began being associated with rebellion. But tattoo art has further matured itself into something much more superior: aesthetic art. Currently tattoos are seen on people from all societal classes. From a banker with a tattoo peeping out of his sleeve or a waitress on whose feet the snake moves with every step she takes. They all tell a story :a story of individuality.

So the next time you are tempted by reality shows such as Miami Ink and LA Ink here are the things you need to keep in mind before making that big decision.

Firstly, make sure you have a clear mindset about what you want imprinted on you and why. Just because everyone around you seems to be sporting one is not that great an idea. A tattoo may be described as a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling or idea. So do you wish to be reminded of that feeling every day? Is the feeling or idea that important? This question helps in making sure that you end up with a tattoo you flaunt with pride rather than hide as a momentary error of judgement.

If you feel you still want to go on, remember you are an adult and can take such a decision. Now once you have decided that you need to get a tattoo here are some more things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, the location. It should be such that it can be conveniently hidden when required. Facial tattoos are a strict no no for this reason. Next of course is checking on the tattoo artist or parlour where you intend to get it done. Hygiene is of the strictest importance .Remember to check on needles being used and the sterilization facilities. And then be prepared to deal with the pain. More the complexity of the tattoo being chosen ,more the pain .

Now that you’re sufficiently terrified, allow me to say this: Tattoos make artistic, visual, highly personal statements about your inner life. It tells people things even before you ever tell them anything with words, and that indeed may be a reward for which you are willing to pay and bear some amount of pain.

Swagata Dutta

I am a college student who writes as a hobby....

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