The Smarter Phone

The Smarter Phone

We live in a world,
that’s growing smarter with every passing day; where evolution paves the way to
future and survival is no longer the game of the fittest but the smartest. We
are of the world, where the next man would not be without a galaxy gear wrapped around the arm,
without sporting Google glasses or
without a touch-less smart phone.
Yes, a world full of James Bonds.

me? But aren’t touch-sensitive phones the smartest piece of technology in the
labs yet?”

Until now, that was
pretty much the scenario. But lately, the labs have “eureka” the next
evolutionary stage – the smarter phones.
Tomorrow, may witness the farewell of the species of smart phones in the
hierarchy of the phone kingdom and the era of the smarter phones.

Now, picture yourself
faced with the predicament of purchasing a new mobile being surrounded by large
smart phones with touch screens, battery longevity, torchlights, Bluetooth
facility, camera-rear and front, and what not. Truly sweat breaking. And to
cause more of a perplexity we have the giant brands Nokia, Samsung, HTC along
promising taglines as- œConnecting People; Designed for humans; quietly
brilliant while sporting away œsmartmanship
in their respective models.

And hence to steer
clear of this confusion, Google decided to bear the torch and go smarter with
its new species of phones – so here we
are with the all new Moto X, the pioneer of its kind with a touch-less

what is the catch?”

The catch rather the catches  are :

Apart from being the
only smartphone assembled in the U.S.A, Moto X comes with the tagline ” Moto X
is ready when you are.” Yes, it responds to your voice which also means no
more touch. And just when the whole world looks for someone to
talk to over the phone
, you could be talking away to your phone and
ask it just about anything.

“But  it isn’t as large as other smartphones!”

 While all other
smartphones are going large, almost competing with tabs, plasma TVs and
who-know-what-else, Google believes that your phone should fit your hand and not the
other way round.

Are you the person
always fiddling with your phone?

me? I just check my notifications!”

Well, well, either way,
that doesn’t miss the eyes in a social. But here’s an alternative – what if you
did not have to be that person no more and still have access to all your
notifications… discreetly. Yes, the Moto X promises so, just like a whisper.

That your phone? Looks
smart with it camera… Could you click my picture?

“Yea sure… Tap- unlock -menu -camera – smile….”

Twist and snap.
There you are mister, looking good in this photo, trying to click mine.

“Wait! How did you?”

With Moto X, that is
all it takes – a twist of the hand to turn on camera and snap goes the photo.

“Truly impressive that
is. Is there more?”

Of course, there is a
lot more but some surprises are best delivered with experience.

now the specifications –


Bluetooth® Technology1

4.0 LE + EDR

Wi-Fi –

802.11a/g/b/n/ac (dual
band capable), mobile hotspot

Networks –

UMTS/HSPA + up to 42 Mbps – CDMA/EVDO Rev. A (CDMA model only) – 4G LTE


/ HD 720p


Operating system –
Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean


Size- Width 65.3mm;
Height 129.4mm

Weight – 130G

Curve – 5.7 -10.4mm


Battery type –

2200 mAh. Mixed usage
up to 24 hours


Rear-Facing Camera

– Quick Capture – LED flash- 1080p HD video (30 fps) – 4X digital zoom -Slow motion video- Burst mode- Auto HDR- Panorama- Tap to focus

Front Facing Camera

2MP 1080p HD video


Architecture –

Motorola X8 Mobile
Computing System which includes a software optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
(1.7GHz Dual-Core Krait CPU, quad-core Adreno 320 GPU), a natural language
processor and a contextual computing processor

Memory –

2 GB RAM, 16 GB
standard, 32 GB version available online. 2 years 50 GB storage free on Google


With all these striking
features, now would not like to be the smarter being with the smarter phone?




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