The Fenzy of LS2014

Frankly I am bored and tired of the never ending demagoguery and cacaphony of abuses and snide remarks that I consider it an utter wastage of words, to even discuss the scenario of Indian polity and the spine and nerve of those who are cutting throats for righteous thrones and pedestals of integrity, with none in themselves. While pretty remarkable is the fact that those who are running for prestigious offices slander their name and the name of associations they have risen in, more pathetic is the situation of nasty newcomers who think they are topside while they are just getting the dirt on.

No. I am not in the mood of some election result forecast or pointing who is who! I am here to simply mock and dismay at the state of affairs which are dramatic and immature. The pack of bacchanalians seems to have been set loose to run for elections. While whistles are blown on each other, the one who is most silent may steal the show.
I am a commoner, grieving and bound, not by personal choices but political decisions. For long I have kept patience and given chances to incapable people who have ruined over political system. I as a common person will give no more chance and take none either, I will be informed and aware. I cast my vote with wisdom.

Mayank Mishra

Passionate about writing, encaptivated by the magic of words. Writes poetry , short stories, articles etc. Very friendly in nature.

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