The Filmy Owl

TheFilmyOwl, as she calls it, is 22 year old Angel Bedi’s artistic alter-ego.

The NIFT graduate confesses that she has always been that kid who used to doodle in her notebook while the teacher gave notes. Be it her penchant for purple, or the way she uses petals for eyelashes, her artwork is hard to ignore. To add to it, referencing everything from Singham to Raja Babu to Jab We Met and beyond, Bedi’s calligraphy and paintings are, quite simply, a lot of fun. Now her Facebook page TheFilmyOwl has 23k+ likes and is filled with all these happy, witty doodles that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

In conversation with Miss Bedi:

How did you come up with the idea of TheFilmyOwl?

The idea still hasn’t struck me. I’m just doing the only thing I know and that’s doing what i want to do, drawing stuff. I was interning under this very cool brand ( happily unmarried ) and after that got over, I had a lot of illustrations saved up so i decided to put up a little album on Facebook out of pure boredom and my undying ‘nod of approval’ need. I named the album ‘just a bunch of ulloos’ because at the moment i was obsessing over owl eyes. And that’s how it all came into being.

How did the name strike you? Is it special?

My brain is a constant, non stop conference call , so I really don’t know when the name came into being and how. When i decided to create a page on Facebook, I just randomly out of no where typed out ThFilmyOwl. But like I said, the nonstop conference call must have something to do with it .


Who’s your muse?

Amrish Puri would be a first . But mostly the little things in life inspire me . That teamed up with my mind blowing observation skills ( haha ) . Falling in love with words , colors , faces and eyes at any given moment in time . But on a not so serious note , Delhi aunties are my real source of art . Their personalities , dialect , chipped nail paint and most importantly their love hate relationship with sabzi walaahs .

What is your reaction to your fan following?

I am overwhelmed by the amount of pure love the owl has managed to such out of people .. and these people don’t shy away forms haring their love . How can i ever have bad day if I wake up to the cutest love notes and messages , everyday ! It is very exciting to know that majority of my audiences fall under the 15 to 25 year age group. Young and accepting pieces of awesomeness who do not shy away from public display of affection.

What’s next on your agenda?

WWW.THEFILMYOWL.COM. Dukaan, the online store coming soon. And I promise to not disappoint . There are doodle diaries , pajamas , tote and laptop bags , magnets ! Just a lot of happiness in store, so stay tuned !

Visit Bedi’s Facebook page at for art that will blow off your mind! Show her some support!

Making a living out of romancing art? Girl, you’re doing it right.

Team Youthopia thanks Angel Bedi for this humble interview.

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