How I achieve my goals by ‘Feeling’ my Time.

Do you want to do all the wishful awesome things in your life? You should try to ‘feel’ time. 

I believe that we will make efforts to realize our aspirations only when we can value time. Time can be valued when we truly understand its presence. As much as my life is fast paced, I do make it a point to sit down and ‘feel’ time.  If you can’t quite relate to this phenomena of ‘feeling time’, let me try to give you an insight.

We all ‘feel’ time; most of the times without us quite realizing that we do. Ever wondered why you feel the happiest by the water or when you gaze down at the city lights from the highest point in your vicinity? It is because you are in the moment! And by this I mean, you are “feeling” time!

In fact, being in the moment or feeling time is also what you do in Meditation and for that matter also during the various deep-breathing exercises that Yoga encourages. Understanding the presence of time will help us value time. This understanding will in turn serve as a powerful reminder that we owe ourselves all the aspirations and dreams that we have charted out for ourselves. We will indeed then make constructive efforts in this direction.

How to Feel your Time?

Feeling your time is the state of mind where you feel obvious of your surroundings and most importantly Yourself. You can feel time almost anywhere! You could sit on the bench and watch the world move at its crazy pace or could take a walk on the beach and hear the ocean contain itself.  You can choose to feel your time for five minutes or even fifteen minutes, every day.  

The picture that you see on your left is how I chose to ‘feel’ my time today! 

It’s your life, your dreams and your choices. Will you choose to ‘feel’ time now to realize your aspirations or  ‘soon’ be 70 and muse- how time Flies!?

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