The L word

It’s not in the flirtatious one-liners, the extravagant gifts, the hearts and flowers or the over-the-top PDA. It’s not breaking up and patching up after every minor tiff. It’s not infatuation or obsession. It’s not in the big picture you present to everyone as a couple of punch drunk teenagers. It lies in the subtle details.

Details, details, details. It always comes down to those details, doesn’t it? It’s when you look for each other in a crowd. It’s in the way your mood lightens when you finally find each other in that crowd. It’s how one second of a day can make all the difference, one glance and there’s sunshine instead of rain. It’s in the way your fingers automatically scroll down to one particular name in your contacts list and the way you dissect every little moment of a conversation, searching for something you might have missed, perhaps a revelation. It’s in the way the dark cloud above your head lifts as you feel yourself growing lighter with each burst of laughter. It’s when you can go on arguing for hours at a time and still not a speck of doubt on whether you belong together. Its when every piece of clothing you own has a memory of a place or a moment attached to it. It’s the times when it’s okay to give up something you’re used to, so you can see a smile spread across that face you’ll never forget. Its when nothing is awkward anymore. It’s staying strong when everything goes downhill, when the circumstances tumble beyond your control. It’s when nobody can tell you anything about them that you didn’t already know. It’s learning to deal with the frustration and a few harsh words said and heard. It is keeping calm through the storm. It does not have to talk in order to converse. It is forgiving, no matter how tough it can be. It is sacrifice. It’s is the lack of insecurities. It is the roller coaster years that pass by. It is blind faith. It is maddening. It is forever.



I never mentioned what ‘It’ is but you get the idea, don’t you?

Aswini Satishkumar

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