A dream

Dreams are lovely things, they let you wander off in a world which seems like a far possibility in the real life. So they let you live the life you actuallly want to live, the people in your dreams are those whom you want to be with all the time and the places are the ones where you want to be all the time.
          Moreover dreams are so real that for a moment you fail to distinguish between the reality and dream but mostly dreams vanish in thin air as soon as you open your eyes. I write all this not without a reason. The reason is you. The way you entered in my dream today. And yes literally it was “day”, so practically I was day dreaming and needless to say that you were all over in it. At least in all those portions of it which I could recall after waking up  to the unexpected reality. It was like the most beautiful thing I had ever seen all my life, you and me, arms in arms and what not ( I would skip the details of the dream for myself). Love was flowing in the air and romantic sweet music adorned the background of all these happenings. Surprisingly you looked even more beautiful in the dream, even more prettier and even more shy !
                Amidst all this when I was really beginning to enjoy the beauty of all of it. I wake up! and the dream remained a dream! The worst thing about a dream is the moment when you realize that it is a dream! But all though I am a dreamer, literally. I have this feeling inside me to get the things I want or love at any cost. This is called determination people and for you I can call it love. So no matter what  may come and go, no matter what may happen, I will strive till the last moment to make you all myn. Please understand this last moment is not the indication of my death or the earth getting reduced to ashes. For me the last moment is when you will reject me, unaware of all the love I have for you in my heart. Unaware of all the feelings of myn which you never understood. Unaware of all my agonies which you did not care about when you said those harsh words to me. Unaware of everything that would follow me the moment you reject me and torture me till the end..!      What more ? Inspite of all the risk that is involved in this heartbreaking game of love. I will give my one best shot. No may be two best shots, because I expect you will quite hate me for the first time, but fall in love with me later. And I will quit after that, because that would be the ‘last’ moment between us.
            So that day is not far when you  will see me bending down in front of you, probably with a ‘Red Rose’ (yes, the eternal undying symbol of love) in my hand and telling you how I feel about you ! I would ask you to wait for it. But it is totally your choice, but I promise it will come and its not far off !  And before I sign off, I just want to say that I am true just like my words are !
Yours lovingly.

Mayank Mishra

Passionate about writing, encaptivated by the magic of words. Writes poetry , short stories, articles etc. Very friendly in nature.

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