The Leonardo of Hollywood

From Titanic to Inception, from Basketball diaries to the Wolf of Wall Street, when you hear the names of these movies, all you can imagine is that one face who made the movies what they turned out to be (of course apart from the brilliant scripts). Yes I am speaking of none other than the Wolf of Hollywood and the Jack Dawson of all the young ladies: Leonardo DiCaprio. He has the charm of a chocolate boy, the poise of an artist, the persona of a business man and the attitude of a winner. He is one of the actors in Hollywood who has showcased his versatility and won the hearts of many all over the world.

Having done only a few movies in his 13 year career as opposed to many Bollywood actors who end up doing three movies a year, he has still managed to give some of the best hits of Hollywood. His movies are characterized by good scripts, a heart wrenching screenplay accompanied with brilliant acting and innovative skill. He was exposed to the industry when he was five and ever since he has been learning the art of mastering expression over words. That’s why you feel DiCaprio enticing you when he gives you one smirk on screen or daunts you when he stares at you. Titanic being one of his worldly acclaimed movies had him play the king of romance. We had oceans of tears shed when he died in that last scene. Weren’t we all aghast by that climax? Didn’t we desperately want a Titanic 2 to be released? It was all because we wanted the life of Jack Dawson to continue. That is the famous charm of the Scorpion actor who aims at having the audience be a part of his character.

There was a lot of discussion rather controversy over DiCaprio not winning the Oscar this year for his mind boggling performance in the Wolf of Wall Street. Well I must say in Hollywood it’s a struggle between the many bests. It isn’t like Bollywood where the Khans and the Kapoors rule. There is a myriad of talent and one or the other does a magnificent job of nailing the Oscars. DiCaprio has managed to make his mark amidst the audience and have his name against the top few names in Hollywood. Unfortunately it hasn’t been destined for him to get a hold of the Oscars yet. But there shouldn’t be anything disheartening for the fans because this only means there is a masterpiece of all masterpieces still in store. We just have to wait for may be another Nolan Dicaprio reunion.

Coming to think of the Oscars, we see yet another side to the real Leonardo DiCaprio, not the actor but just a man with an ambition. Each year he comes with a smile and leaves without the Oscar still with the same smile. It is this spirit of his to accomplish, to rise above the others, to try a new genre, a new kind of script each time that makes him excel over the rest. He lives his life like Gatsby in the true sense, not waiting for his Daisy, but staring at that green light for another inception to grow upon him and mould him into his next character.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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